July 30, 2014

Motorola Launches RhoMobile Suite 5.0 for Cross-platform Mobile App Development

Motorola has launched RhoMobile Suite 5.0 for cross-platform mobile app development!

Motorola has launched the RhoMobile Suite 5.0 for cross-platform mobile app development!

Motorola has released the latest version of their mobile app development tool, RhoMobile Suite 5.0, which will allow business owners to get a cross-device compatible application developed at affordable rates.

The latest RhoMobile suite features pre-developer subscription pricing which helps the developers in comparing different plans and selecting the one which is aligned with the budget. This mobile app development suite comprises of a set of tools for building, integrating, testing, debugging, launching, and maintaining enterprise-class mobile applications. Developers can use their skills in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and Ruby to develop apps for popular mobile operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry, etc.

The new services model of the RhoMobile suite 5.0 offers multi-tier transparent pricing which includes a free level, and two premium subscription levels. The basic app framework, Rhodes, and another component, RhoStudio, a powerful Eclipse plug-in, are on the free level while the paid level includes Rhodes, RhoStudio, Cloud Build, the Visual Studio plug-in as well as the RhoElements with enhanced enterprise features like the barcode reading and automatic data encryption. Other elements of the RhoMobile Suite 5.0 include the RhoSimulator, RhoGallery, and the RhoConnect.

The RhoElements of Motorola’s RhoMobile Suite 5.0 offers a built-in MVC pattern, integrated data synchronization, an Object Relational Mapper for database-oriented information-intensive apps, and the widest range of API set of any framework. It also offers an optional FIPS certified encryption algorithm and a public / private key (PKI) encryption.

Motorola believes that their application generator and scaffolding will enable business owners to get their apps “running in minutes instead of hours or days”. They also believe that the components of their new RhoMobile Suite 5.0 will resolve the different problems faced by developers and business owners during mobile app development.

  • The RhoStudio component will reduce the cost and volume of hardware required to develop cross-platform compatible apps.
  • The RhoSimulator will solve the problem of slow device emulators and will give instant start-up, consume less memory, and run with or without a locally installed mobile operating system SDK.
  • The RhoConnect will facilitate quick integration and synchronization of an application’s data for easy offline access.
  • The RhoGallery will help business owners in developing an effective app distribution mechanism and deliver applications and updates across multiple mobile OSs and devices, at will.

Mobile app development using the RhoMobile Suite 5.0 are offered on the cloud, and include hosted build, application management, and synchronization.

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