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Agile Software QA & Testing for Faster Product Release Cycles

Ensure your application remains stable, secure, and functional with TechnoScore - a reliable partner for software testing and quality assurance. Our QA experts use advanced testing practices (test-driven, behavior-driven, automation, manual) to deliver high-quality projects. We have tailored solutions for every business size: tech startups, enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies.

Our Services

Software Testing & QA Services we Provide

From the initial consultation to test case development & execution, we provide comprehensive support for software testing. Our expert QA engineers are adept at handling diverse testing needs, delivering robust and reliable applications custom to your needs.

Application Testing

Validate your applications for security, performance, usability, functionality, and accessibility across various devices and platforms. Using automated testing tools and frameworks (Selenium Grid, Cucumber, JMeter), we conduct end-to-end testing for:

  • Desktop and mobile applications (SaaS, eCommerce portals, native & hybrid apps, progressive web apps)
  • Enterprise applications (ERP, CRM, SCM systems)
  • Legacy systems (Mainframe, Client-server applications)
  • Big data and analytics applications
  • Embedded systems and IoT applications
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Mobile App Testing

Achieve peak performance for your mobile app with our testing service, resolving compatibility issues, security flaws, and user interface challenges. Ensure a smooth and secure user experience that enhances business success.

  • Automated test script development for functional, usability, security, and accessibility testing
  • App's performance under different load conditions, network scenarios, and device configurations
  • Testing the app's compatibility with assistive technologies (screen readers, magnifiers, and switch controls) across OS versions (Android/iOS) and emulators
  • Interruption testing simulating scenarios like incoming calls, low battery, etc.
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Web App Testing

Optimize your web app's performance and security with our testing service, focusing on server response times, load balancing, and security vulnerabilities like SQL injection and XSS attacks. We deliver responsive web apps by handling:

  • Cross-platform compatibility testing across popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge) and versions
  • Usability and UX testing evaluating navigation, user flows, and intuitive design
  • Localization and globalization testing for multi-language and regional support
  • Integration testing verifying seamless data flow between web apps and third-party systems
  • Compliance testing against industry standards like HIPAA, PCI-DSS, etc.
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Automation Testing

Streamline the QA process and boost testing efficiency with automated scripts that simulate user interactions, detect issues quickly, and facilitate seamless updates. Our automation testing experts uncover potential vulnerabilities quicker by handling:

  • Test automation framework development (using Java, C++, Python, etc.) and logic implementation
  • Automated test integration into CI pipelines with Jenkins, Travis CI, or CircleCI
  • Automation test script development for web, mobile, API, etc., using Selenium, TestComplete, and Appium
  • Test data management using tools like Apache JMeter, Katalon Studio, Nitrate, and more.
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API Testing

Ensure seamless integration and functionality with comprehensive API testing, validating endpoints, and data exchanges for robust application performance.

  • Analysis of existing API architecture and infrastructure
  • Automated testing for RESTful and SOAP APIs
  • Verification of request and response data integrity
  • Validation of API functionality and error handling
  • API functional, regression, load, fuzz, performance, and security testing
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Functional Testing

Optimize your application's performance by ensuring each function works as intended and meets specified requirements. We identify and address key functionality issues by:

  • Verifying user interface, navigation, input fields, and error handling
  • Testing end-to-end workflows and use cases
  • Verifying accessibility, compatibility, and cross-browser/cross-platform support
  • Facilitating user acceptance testing and usability evaluation (via UserTesting, Hotjar)
  • Checking integration between different modules/components (via Postman, SoapUI)
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Load Performance Testing

Identify and address performance bottlenecks to ensure your application performs optimally under peak load. Our load performance testing service simulates real-world conditions to validate scalability and stability.

  • Designing test scenarios and load profiles based on expected user workloads
  • Setting up and configuring load testing tools (JMeter, LoadRunner, BlazeMeter)
  • Testing for load balancing, failover, and fault tolerance mechanisms
  • Testing with different load patterns (steady, ramp-up, spike, stress)
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Setup QA Team

Hire a dedicated offshore QA team with us for better delegation and execution of testing workflows. We ensure that the delegated QA team is well-equipped to handle all testing requirements efficiently and meet your expectations.

  • Skilled QA professionals with expertise in manual and automated testing across multiple domains
  • Proficiency in functional, regression, integration, system, and end-to-end testing
  • Adept at creating and executing comprehensive test cases, exploratory testing, and identifying edge cases
  • Regular status reports, metrics, and insights into quality assurance activities
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Streamline your QA Process with our Scalable Testing-as-a-Service

Why Choose Us

Our Strengths as a Leading Software QA & Testing Company

With 25+ years of experience in global IT outsourcing services, we are at the forefront of software QA and testing. We combine deep industry expertise with advanced tools and techniques, and our extensive domain experience allows us to deliver precise, reliable, and efficient QA solutions.

End-to-End Testing Coverage

Our software QA services encompass every stage of the SDLC, from initial requirements analysis to final deployment. Through unit, integration, system, and acceptance testing, we ensure maximum test coverage and thorough verification at every step.

User Experience (UX) Focused Testing

We conduct usability testing based on real-world user scenarios to identify and rectify any performance or accessibility-related issues, enhancing overall user satisfaction and engagement.

Expertise across Popular Testing Frameworks & Tools

We choose the optimal automation testing frameworks to integrate seamlessly with your software architecture. Our QA experts are proficient in using tools like Selenium, Kotlin, Appium, Cucumber, Cypress, etc., to automate test script development and execution.

Continuous Testing and DevOps Integration

We embrace a continuous testing approach that seamlessly integrates with your DevOps pipeline. Our QA processes are designed to support agile methods, enabling early defect detection and ensuring high-quality software delivery at each iteration.

Human-AI Synergy

We leverage the capabilities of automated tools and human experts combined to achieve efficiency and precision. This synergistic approach enables us to detect and address even the most complex issues swiftly and effectively.

NDA for data security

We protect your intellectual property by strictly adhering to non-disclosure agreements, regulatory requirements, and industry-best data privacy practices (including access-based control and data encryption).

Flexible Engagement Models

We accommodate diverse business needs with our custom engagement models, including dedicated testing teams, project-based engagements, and flexible staffing solutions, ensuring significant cost savings.

Regular and Detailed Reporting

Our detailed reports give you granular insights into software quality and performance for informed decision-making. Through interactive dashboards and various reporting tools, we highlight defect trends, test coverage, and root causes for your understanding.


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Complete Testing Suite: Security, Unit, and Regression Testing Services

Security Testing

Protect your application from vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with industry security standards like OWASP, NIST, and PCI DSS. Using tools such as OWASP ZAP and Burp Suite, we perform comprehensive security assessments, including penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, and risk analysis.

Unit Testing

Unit testing validates individual components of your software for accurate functionality. Employing test-driven development (TDD) principles and frameworks like JUnit and NUnit, we test and verify each module's performance correctly and efficiently before integration.

Regression Testing

Our regression testing ensures that new code changes do not impact existing features. We use automated frameworks to re-run previous test cases, validating system behavior and detecting any defects introduced by updates or new releases.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Know More About our Processes and How we Work

You can collaborate with our team via Zoom, Slack, Skype, or any other preferred communication medium. Our team can work in accordance with your time zone for prompt query resolution and real-time adjustments. We also conduct weekly calls and regular virtual meetings for consistent project updates.

We share detailed testing reports at pre-defined intervals, such as weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or more frequently, based on project needs. Ad-hoc reports can also be provided as needed.

We proactively identify potential risks, assess their impact, and develop mitigation plans. For critical issues, we follow a structured escalation process, ensuring timely resolution and keeping you informed throughout.

Yes, we can easily scale our testing resources up or down based on your project's changing needs and timelines. We have a dedicated team of certified testers across various skill sets, allowing us to rapidly provide additional resources or reallocate QA professionals as requirements evolve.