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Data Visualization Services for Informed Decision-Making

Feeling overwhelmed trying to make sense of complex business data? Opt for our data visualization and reporting services to work through vast data sets, uncover meaningful patterns, and make prompt decisions.

Our Services

Our Data Visualization & Reporting Services

With more than 20 years of experience as a global IT outsourcing company, we have been delivering expert-led data visualization services spanning the following areas:

Dashboard Optimization

Our dashboard optimization services make your business dashboards more intuitive, responsive, and actionable. We specialize in refining data presentations and improving load times for dashboards in all semantic layers. Our optimization support also extends to custom UI/UX enhancements, data source integrations, and real-time updates for more efficient insight generation.

User-Specific Report Development

Designed to meet the unique needs of different stakeholders within an organization, our report development service offers customized reports with actionable data. Collaborating closely with the end-users, we utilize advanced filtering, grouping, and data visualization tools to create highly comprehensible executive summaries, dashboards, and visualizations.

Microsoft Power BI Services

Benefit from an established Power BI workflow, from the initial setup, data connection, and customization to report creation and ongoing management. Our Power BI-based data visualization and reporting services also cover DAX formula optimization, data modeling, and embedding BI reports in existing applications to maximize the value of your data.

Tableau to Power BI Migration

Transition to Power BI for more intuitive dashboards, quicker insights, and cost-efficient data visualization and reporting. Our specialized data migration service handles the complete process while ensuring integrity and continuity of reporting. We map Tableau data sources to Power BI, recreate dashboards & reports, and optimize them with platform-specific features for advanced analytics.

Want to Turn your Business Data into Clear Insights?

Let our data visualization consulting services simplify and clarify your data, providing actionable insights.

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How our Data Visualization and Reporting Services Make a Difference

Our data visualization experts are on a mission to help you make the most of your data.

SSOT Development for Streamlined Data Visualization

We establish a Single Source of Truth (SSOT) by centralizing your data sources into a single, reliable repository to ensure consistent and accurate data visualization.

Custom Dashboard Designs

Our data visualization experts create tailored dashboards that meet specific business needs, enhancing usability and decision-making.

Real-Time Data Updates

We provide real-time data refreshes, ensuring your visualizations are always up-to-date with the latest information.

User-Friendly Interfaces

With our data visualization company, you can design intuitive interfaces that make it easy for non-technical users to navigate and understand complex data.

Interactive Reporting

Our data reporting services provide interactive reports that allow users to drill down into data, uncovering deeper insights and trends.

Expert Data Visualization Consulting

We provide expert data visualization consulting services to help businesses identify the best data visualization strategies and tools.

24x7 Support

You can access our data visualization and reporting services round-the-clock. With a global presence, our visualization experts also accommodate timezone differences to ensure uninterrupted provision.

Robust Data Security Measures

We implement robust security measures to protect sensitive information, ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations (GDPR, CCPA, etc).


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Technologies we Use for Data Visualization and Reporting

Data Visualization and Reporting Challenges we Sidestep

With a focus on user adoption, our data visualization outsourcing services expertly address some of the biggest data challenges, including:

Cluttered & Unnecessarily Extensive Reports

We simplify reports to focus on key insights, business metrics, and KPIs. This helps us to declutter and ensure that the information presented is clear and actionable. Our expert design approach guarantees your reports are concise, visually appealing, and easy to interpret.

Data Silos

Our data visualization experts integrate data from various sources into an SSOT, breaking down silos and providing a unified view of your business information. This comprehensive data integration enables more accurate and holistic analysis, driving better decision-making.

Lacking Buy-ins from Business Users

At our data visualization company, we work closely with your team to develop user-friendly visualizations for different stakeholders within your organization. This collaborative approach helps us enhance user adoption and ensure efficient utilization of the generated insights.

Hidden Data Visualization and Reporting Costs

We provide a transparent pricing structure to avoid unexpected data visualization and reporting costs. With our cost-effective approach, you get the maximum value from your investments without any overruns.


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Data Chaos Hindering your Business Decisions?

Cut through the clutter with our data visualization services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Know More About our Processes and How we Work

At our data visualization outsourcing company, we visualize a wide range of data types, including but not limited to financial data, sales and marketing data, customer behavior data, operational data, and more. Our proficiency in holistic data processing and management allows us to handle structured data from databases, spreadsheets, and CRM systems, as well as unstructured data from social media, logs, and other sources.

No, you don't need technical expertise to work with our reports and dashboards. Our data visualization experts design intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that are easy to understand. Additionally, we provide training and support to ensure all users can effectively utilize the visualizations without requiring technical knowledge.

Yes. our data visualization experts integrate data from various sources into a cohesive SSOT before creating analytical dashboards. Using advanced techniques to combine data from APIs, flat files, ERP/CRM systems, etc., we provide a unified view of your data, aiding in comprehensive analysis and informed decision-making.

The timeline for developing custom dashboards and reports depends on the complexity and scope of the project. Typically, initial drafts and reports can be delivered in a few weeks as our data visualization experts start working within 48 hrs of the initial consultation. For more complex data visualization requirements, contact us at

Our data visualization and reporting services are custom-priced. Based on the specific needs and requirements (data source & volume, KPIs, business metrics, required visualizations, etc), we tailor a visualization plan with transparent and competitive pricing. Get a free quote at

At our data visualization company, you also get comprehensive support post-report/dashboard creation (regular maintenance, data updates, performance optimization). We also provide troubleshooting assistance and training sessions to ensure efficient user adoption.

Our data visualization experts manage the entire data migration process from Tableau to Power BI with a focus on data integrity and continuity. We map Tableau data sources to Power BI, recreate dashboards and reports, and optimize them to leverage Power BI's advanced features. This warrants minimal disruption and downtime during the process.

Yes, we work closely with you to understand your business objectives and tailor the reports to highlight the most relevant metrics and KPIs. Our customizations are done through advanced filtering, grouping, and visualization options to ensure the result is informative and actionable.