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Fast-Track your Development Cycle with Managed DevOps Solutions

Transform your software development life cycle with our DevOps development and consulting services.

Our DevOps development company implements advanced practices like CI/CD, GitOps, containerization, DevSecOps, and AI-driven operations to enhance your deployment speed and operational efficiency.

Our Services

Bridging Development and Operations with our DevOps Services

Benefit from our DevOps expertise by achieving better resource management, system reliability, and cost efficiency. Besides enhancing your software quality, we offer end-to-end support for the following services:

DevOps Consulting Services

Our DevOps consulting company helps you enhance your operations by analyzing your existing workflows and developing a custom adoption strategy. We identify configuration differences (development, testing, & production), infrastructure incompetencies, and efficiency bottlenecks.

  • Comprehensive DevOps implementation planning
  • Assistance in selecting, installing, and configuring the right tools
  • Advanced monitoring and logging solutions setup
  • Resilience test and disaster recovery planning
  • Scalability and performance optimization planning
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DevOps Infrastructure Automation Services

Enhance system reliability with unified solutions that combine security features and integrations, scaling DevOps automation across multiple domains. Our experts specialize in configuring your infrastructure setup to reduce human involvement and facilitate faster deployments.

  • Implementation of Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • Containerization and management with Docker and Kubernetes
  • Load balancing automation in a real-time operating system (RTOS)
  • Function-as-a-Service implementation
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Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) Services

Accelerate your software development lifecycle with our CI/CD implementation services. Our DevOps engineers ensure optimal code quality and continuous integration by offering:

  • Designing and setting up CI/CD pipelines
  • CI/CD stack selection and implementation, such as Git for version control
  • Automated unit, integration, and performance testing (Selenium, JMeter, JUnit, etc)
  • Implementation of automated monitoring
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Microservices & Containerization

Get enhanced scalability and maintainence with custom-designed microservice-based architectures and containerized environments. Our DevOps experts ensure a smooth transition by employing industry best practices and the latest technologies.

  • Microservices architecture design and implementation
  • Container orchestration and management
  • Continuous deployment for microservices
  • Optimization of legacy applications
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Transform your DevOps with Proven Expertise

Join the ranks of 5000+ successfully delivered projects over 20+ years of domain experience.

Why Choose Us

What Sets TechnoScore's Managed DevOps Services Apart

See why TechnoScore's DevOps services are the ideal choice for your business. From advanced automation to thorough QA and testing, we provide tailor-made solutions.

Client Focus

Our services are designed with a client-first mindset. We carefully identify performance bottlenecks in your existing workflows and ensure that our solutions are tailored to target them.

Hassle-Free Communication

We believe clear and consistent communication is fundamental to successful collaboration. Our team keeps you updated on project progress, addresses your queries promptly, and incorporates your feedback at every stage.


We understand that every business is unique. TechnoScore offers tailored DevOps strategies that solve your specific workflow challenges.

24/7 Timezone Advantage

Our team provides 24/7 monitoring and proactive maintenance to avoid potential escalations that impact your operations, minimizing downtime.

Humans-in-the-Loop Approach

While we leverage automation, we also prioritize expert human oversight to manage critical decision-making and handle complex scenarios.

Cost Efficiency

By optimizing resource management and automating numerous tasks, our DevOps development services help reduce operational costs while enhancing productivity.


Our DevOps experts implement robust network security protocols, such as privileged access management (PAM), multi-layer IP address netting, advanced firewalls, and secure VPN access to ensure data security.

Rigorous QA and Testing

Our comprehensive services also include both automated and manual testing at every stage of the development lifecycle to ensure that your applications are robust, reliable, and bug-free.


Accreditation and Trusted Partnerships

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Our Application Development Tech Stack

We utilize cutting-edge tools, technologies, and frameworks to build scalable and intuitive applications.

Experience Excellence with our DevOps Team

Besides dedicated project managers, QA specialists, and SMEs, we provide domain-specific experts to maximize the ROI of your investment. The DevOps team we assemble for your project has:

DevOps Engineers

They are responsible for building, testing, and maintaining (updates and bug fixes) automation infrastructure, providing level 2 technical support.

System Administrators

They support, troubleshoot, and maintain computer servers and networks, ensuring system reliability.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Specialists

They are responsible for creating custom code scripts and environments to automate infrastructure provisioning and configuration.

Monitoring and Logging Specialists

They set up monitoring and logging systems to track performance metrics and detect issues in real time.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Know More About our Processes and How we Work

Absolutely. Our DevOps solutions company provides tailored strategies to align with your specific business goals, existing workflows, and chosen technology stack. Our goal is to ensure a seamless integration of DevOps best practices to target your specific challenges and enhance your operational efficiency.

We use IaC tools like Terraform, Ansible, Google Cloud Platform, Chef, and AWS CloudFormation to manage and provision infrastructure through code. These platforms ensure consistency, allowing for version control and repeatable infrastructure deployments.

We implement DevSecOps practices to integrate security into every phase of the pipeline. This includes automated security testing, continuous monitoring, vulnerability management, and ensuring compliance with relevant security standards and regulations (QWASP, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, etc).

While the initial investment in DevOps automation may be a promising amount, the long-term operational benefits outweigh its short-term financial impact. A properly implemented DevOps pipeline significantly improves efficiency, minimizes downtime, and results in a faster time-to-market, leading to cost savings.

Conversely, traditional IT management often incurs higher costs due to manual processes, longer development cycles, and potentially higher downtime. This cost is also accentuated by constant maintenance expenses.