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The Clients

A Product Engineering Company Specializing in the Field Service Industry

This UK-based company helps clients across telecommunications, rail, civil, utilities, and other field service domains with job management software and related solutions. Their software products are designed specifically for the contractors’ market to streamline commercial management, job scheduling, reporting, tracking, risk assessment, incident management, and other activities.

TechnoScore has been their sole offshore development partner since 2018. We have acted as their captive development center in India, offering field services management app development services and support throughout this time.

Project Requirements

Dedicated Field Service Management Application Developers

The client wanted a white-label mobile application that would function online and offline and adapt to any business’s FSM workflow without performance issues or delays.

They Approached us With The Following objectives:


Get a dedicated team of skilled software developers


Get customizable niche solutions designed for the FSM industry


Meet the unique needs of different field service management businesses (the end-users)

Project Challenges

Here Is an Example to Illustrate the Types of Challenges We Faced

Our client partnered with a municipal government body in London, UK. Their technicians struggled to identify pipe blockages on job sites. We were tasked with developing a custom FSM app to address this issue.

Our field service management application developers referred to the UK building regulations, which set standards for designing and constructing buildings and roads, including pipe structures. We incorporated this information into an interactive map of common plumbing structures within the FSM module. The site engineer could select a plumbing structure and slide along the virtual map to label the areas of blockages during the survey, making it easier for the technician to fix the problem.

This innovative solution demonstrated our ability to acquire industry-specific knowledge and deliver solutions that could address real-world challenges for our client's target consumer.

Project Challenges
Our Solution

Developing Mobility Solutions for Field Service Management

We aligned a team of eight to start the project. Like the challenge illustrated above, we built multiple modules according to the client’s needs. These included job management applications, field service reporting solutions, FSM communication software, dispatch software, mobile billing software, asset management applications, store management apps, etc. Each module was customizable according to the end-user and built for Android and iOS. Here are a few of them in detail.


Job Management Module

  • Streamlines work allocation for field supervisors and simplifies reporting for site engineers
  • Enables supervisors to assign tasks, create defect reports, and check work quality
  • Allows field operators to access work orders, conduct site surveys, report daily progress, and manage defects easily
  • Offers a list and map view for easier task navigation
  • Offers options to record daily progress updates, capture geo-stamped video and photo evidence from the site, complete surveys, and document risk assessments
  • Delivers real-time, auditable updates directly from the field
Job Management Module

Workflow Optimization Module for Telecom Companies

  • Created as a custom FSM solution for construction site jobs related to Ethernet connection, WAN cable, Optical connectivity, and DARK fiber installation
  • Has a SOS feature that enables site managers or field operators to quickly report emergencies or critical incidents that require immediate attention or response
  • Can help conduct and document inspections, such as equipment checks or facility audits
  • Users can record findings, capture photos, and generate reports to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and standards
Workflow Optimization Module for Telecom Companies

Blockage Locator Module

  • This field service management software module helps site engineers fix pipe blockages on sites
  • Site surveyors can input the number of blockages and their exact locations using this module
  • Blockages can be cataloged with reference numbers for easy identification and tracking
  • Intuitive slider design on a virtual map of the site’s pipe structure for engineers to pinpoint the exact location of blockages
  • Users can specify blockage range (e.g., sewage or water pipes) with photos
  • Site engineers use visual evidence and additional details for effective maintenance
Blockage Locator Module

Survey Management Module

  • Created as a custom solution for jobs where site surveys are needed, like pole installation and replacement, underground blockage clearance, maintenance, excavations, and reinstatement
  • Provides a user-friendly interface for capturing photos, videos, and notes related to the survey
  • Allows for the creation of custom survey forms and checklists specific to each survey type
  • Supports offline data collection, enabling surveys to be conducted in areas with limited internet connectivity
  • Integrates with GIS (Geographic Information System) and mapping tools for accurate site location and visualization
  • Generates automated reports and summary sheets based on the collected survey data
  • Includes workflow management features for assigning and tracking survey tasks
Survey Management Module
Salient Security Features

Security Features of the Field Service Management Application

  • Prevention of unauthorized or jailbroken devices from accessing the application
  • Screenshot prevention to protect sensitive application data
  • Barcode and QR code scanning for controlled inventory management
  • SSL Pinning for secure communication with the server, preventing man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Database Encryption
  • Real-time GPS tracking of field technicians
  • Signature capture for customer approval and sign-off
  • Secure mobile payment processing with industry-standard encryption for on-site transactions
Project Challenges

Industry-Leading Tools, Technologies, & Frameworks we Work with

Project Outcomes

35% increase in new customer acquisitions over the years for our client

An average 46% reduction in the average time spent on each job site for our client’s customers

An overall 65% increase in customer satisfaction ratings, as measured by post-service surveys

20% reduction in fuel costs for a majority of our client’s end-users