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Maximize Uptime and Performance with Dedicated Application Maintenance and Support

Reduce IT expenses and maintain peak application efficiency with our product maintenance and support services. With over 25 years of industry expertise, TechnoScore is a reliable application maintenance company for global businesses, offering comprehensive L1, L2, and L3 support. From basic troubleshooting and server configuration to cloud migration, bug fixing, and legacy app updates, we handle everything to ensure your systems remain functional and secure.

Our Services

Our Full-Spectrum Application Maintenance and Support Services

We deliver corrective, perfective, and adaptive application maintenance to support business resilience and ongoing growth. Our comprehensive product support services swiftly address disruptions, ensuring your systems remain operational and resilient.

Pre-Support Audit

Improve system efficiency and preempt issues by assessing your software’s current state. We conduct a thorough evaluation of your IT infrastructure, identify potential glitches, and offer optimization recommendations. We also provide a detailed report with strategies to address future issues.

Version Upgrades and Migration

Seamlessly and securely transition to new software or platforms with our migration services. We use strategies like blue-green deployments to ensure smooth upgrades, manage data and schema changes, and thoroughly test for compatibility issues. Post-migration, we provide ongoing support for performance monitoring, troubleshooting, and addressing challenges like legacy integration.

QA & Testing

Validate your application’s functionality, accessibility, and performance across devices with our QA & testing services. We thoroughly detect and resolve bugs, conduct load and stress tests for smooth operation, and prioritize user acceptance testing. With compatibility checks and compliance testing, we guarantee adherence to industry standards.

Application Re-Engineering

We modernize legacy applications through code refactoring, enhancing maintainability, scalability, and performance. Our services include optimizing components, migrating to modern architectures, implementing responsive design, and refactoring servlet services (RESTful and SOAP APIs) into microservices for increased agility.

Performance Monitoring

Ensure that your applications are operating at peak efficiency with our proactive performance monitoring and tracking. We continuously monitor resource usage, system health, and user metrics, rapidly addressing any bottlenecks or errors. We also employ caching strategies and code profiling to ensure apps run smoothly under peak loads.

Security Management

Fortify your digital assets against potential threats. We proactively identify risks through penetration testing & vulnerability scans and implement incident response and disaster recovery strategies. Through secure coding practices, data encryption, and access-based control, we ensure compliance with industry regulations (GDPR, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA).

Backups and Recovery

Rest assured, your data is protected through our comprehensive backup solutions. We schedule automated backups across your IT ecosystem, storing redundant copies in secure off-site locations. In case of system failures or disasters, our rapid restoration protocols minimize downtime while adhering to retention policies.

Boost the Reliability of your Solutions with our Software Application Maintenance Services

Achieve 99% uptime and rapid incident resolution.

Why Choose Us

TechnoScore - Your Trusted Web & App Maintenance Company

Experience seamless digital continuity with us as your dedicated app and web maintenance partner. Leveraging advanced tools and our vast domain expertise, we tackle the complexities of software maintenance, allowing you to focus on your core business.

DevOps and CI/CD Implementation

Employing DevOps best practices and CI/CD pipeline, we ensure rapid updates, seamless deployments, and enhanced stability for your applications.

Rapid Incident Management

We ensure minimal downtime and swift resolution of critical incidents, keeping your systems running smoothly with our proactive incident management approach.

Root Cause Analysis

Our support experts dig deep into issues to identify underlying causes, enabling targeted solutions and preventing recurring problems for long-term stability.

Detailed Reporting

Get comprehensive reports (at pre-defined intervals) on the application’s health and performance, featuring key metrics like error rate, response time, and resource usage.

SLA Adherence

Our commitment to stringent service level agreements guarantees reliability and accountability in meeting performance and availability commitments.

Flexible Engagement Models

We tailor our engagement models to accommodate your custom project requirements, ensuring optimal resource allocation and cost-effectiveness.

Time Zone Advantage

Our team works in accordance with your time zone, guaranteeing swift query resolution with minimal response time.

Round-the-Clock Support

Our dedicated teams provide 24x7 monitoring and support, ensuring your critical systems are always operational and any issues are promptly addressed.


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Tools and Technologies we Use for Product Support and Maintenance

Expert Assistance

Get Multi-Level Product Support with our Experts

From frontline assistance to advanced technical support, we address your issues promptly with our team of skilled engineers.

L1 Support Engineer - Frontline Support

Handle basic troubleshooting, ticket triaging, and initial issue diagnosis.

L2 Support Engineer - Intermediate Support

Handle Advanced troubleshooting, application-specific issues, system configuration.

L3 Support Engineer - Advanced Support

Provide advanced technical support, perform root cause analysis, handle customization requests.

L4 Support Engineer - Escalation Support

Handle critical incidents, perform in-depth code analysis and architectural design review, and provide hotfixes.


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Want to Extend your Product's Life Cycle?

Routine maintenance is the key.

Frequently Asked Questions

Know More About our Processes and How we Work

You can collaborate with our team for your queries related to application maintenance and support services through Zoom, Slack, Skype, or any other preferred communication medium. For regular project updates and prompt query resolution, we also assign a project manager (serves as primary point-of-contact) and conduct weekly meetings/calls.

Being an ISO-certified application maintenance company for data security, we implement industry-standard encryption protocols. Access to your data is strictly limited to authorized personnel on a need-to-know basis. Our team undergoes regular security training, and we adhere to strict data handling policies. Additionally, we employ secure hosting environments and follow best practices for data handling and storage to comply with regulations like HIPAA and GDPR.

For version control and code management, we leverage Git repositories hosted on secure, private servers. Our developers follow best practices for branching, merging, and code reviews, ensuring a streamlined and organized development process. We also implement CI/CD pipelines to automate code validation and deployment processes, enhancing efficiency and reliability.

The cost of our web maintenance services varies depending on website complexity, frequency of updates and maintenance tasks, and scope of ongoing support. You can request a custom quote by sharing your project details with us at