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Data Engineering for Actionable Business Intelligence

Streamline your data management, optimization, and visualization with high-end solutions engineered by TechnoScore. With a wide range of skills and experience, our data engineering company manage the end-to-end provisioning and implementation of data infrastructure and processes for strategic business growth.

Our Services

Our Data Engineering Services for Custom Business Needs

We create future-ready data systems that combine all your data sources, ensure proper governance, and enable real-time analytics. Manage and utilize your data assets effectively with our full-cycle data engineering services.

Data Strategy and Consultancy

Unlock the true potential of your data assets and drive data-driven transformation with our data strategy consultants. We align your data initiatives with business objectives through:

  • ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process development
  • Data architecture blueprinting and modernization
  • Data platform assessment and selection
  • Data integration and migration strategy planning
  • Data governance framework establishment
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Business Intelligence

Derive useful insights from data to gain a deeper understanding of your operations, customers, and market trends with advanced business intelligence solutions. We can help you with:

  • BI tool evaluation and selection (Microsoft BI Stack, Tableau, Power BI)
  • Setup and configuration of chosen BI platforms for seamless deployment
  • Transformation of raw data into visuals (charts, diagrams, dashboards, scorecards)
  • Dashboard and report development following data visualization best practices
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Data Migration

Securely and seamlessly migrate your data from disparate sources and legacy systems to the cloud or other platforms. Our data migration services involve::

  • Data extraction from source systems (databases, applications, files)
  • Data mapping and schema conversion
  • Data loading onto the cloud (GCP, AWS, Azure) or any other targeted platform
  • Codebase refactoring, containerization (Kubernetes, Docker) if required
  • Validation and testing of migrated data, ongoing support, and issue resolution
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Data Visualization

Transform raw data into clear, actionable insights for informed decision-making across all levels of your organization. We facilitate efficient visualization of data by handling the following aspects:

  • Data collection, cleansing, and integration from disparate sources
  • Visualization tools assessment and selection (e.g., Tableau, Power BI, D3.js)
  • Custom dashboard development to reflect key metrics and KPIs for stakeholders
  • Static and dynamic data visualization creation
  • Integration with business intelligence tools
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Drive your Business Forward with our Data-Centric Approach and Execution

Why Choose Us

TechnoScore: Leading the Way in Data Engineering

Trusted by leading businesses for over two decades, our data engineering team delivers enterprise-grade, best-in-class data infrastructures that power your business success. When you partner with our data engineering company, we ensure you achieve remarkable growth and results.

Expertise in Modern Data Architecture

Our data engineers have extensive experience designing and implementing robust, highly scalable data systems that enable seamless growth as your data needs expand.

Agile and Collaborative Approach

We work closely with stakeholders to understand project goals and deliver iterative solutions that evolve with changing requirements, ensuring efficient and effective data engineering workflows.

Commitment to Data Security

We strictly adhere to NDAs, employ robust data security measures, and follow industry-standard data governance practices to safeguard intellectual property.

Domain-Specific Expertise

Our deep domain knowledge across various industries (finance, healthcare, retail, and more) allows us to develop niche-specific data engineering solutions that address the specific challenges and requirements of diverse businesses.

Flexible Engagement Models

Our custom pricing models (project-based, dedicated teams, etc.) are designed to meet your unique needs, ensuring seamless scalability and cost-efficiency.

Transparent Collaboration

With a dedicated point-of-contact (project manager), we regularly update you on the project's progress. Our team works in accordance with your timezone to resolve your query promptly.

Human-AI Synergy

Our data engineers work in tandem with automated tools and AI models to ensure efficiency and precision in data engineering solutions.

Robust DataOps & DevOps Practices

Employing DevOps and DataOps practices, we ensure efficient data management, automated deployment, and continuous delivery for enhanced operational excellence.


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Our Tech Stack for Data Engineering

A Team you Can Rely on for Data Engineering

Our data engineering team includes specialized resources, project managers, and data strategy consultants to efficiently manage every aspect of your project:

Data Architect

  • Defines data models, data flows, and data integration strategies
  • Designs and maintains the overall data architecture and infrastructure

DevOps Engineer

  • Sets up automated CI/CD pipelines for seamless deployment
  • Manages infrastructure provision and configuration management

Data Security Expert

  • Implements data encryption, access control, and masking
  • Ensures compliance with data privacy and security regulations

Data Governance Specialist

  • Establishes data governance policies and standards
  • Facilitates data stewardship and data lineage tracking

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Frequently Asked Questions

Know More About our Processes and How we Work

We handle data discrepancies and errors by implementing robust data validation and monitoring systems. Our process includes real-time error detection, root cause analysis, and immediate corrective actions. We maintain detailed logs and reports, ensuring transparency and accountability.

You can collaborate with our team through your preferred communication channel (Zoom, Skype, Slack, or any other). Additionally, we hold regular meetings, provide clear timelines, and share detailed progress reports (at pre-defined intervals) to ensure transparency throughout the process.

We design data pipelines with scalability in mind, using modular architectures and cloud-based solutions. Our approach includes regular performance assessments and the ability to scale resources up or down based on demand. We also incorporate future-proofing strategies, such as flexible data models and scalable storage solutions, ensuring our solutions can grow with your business needs.

We offer comprehensive ongoing maintenance and support for the data pipelines we develop. It includes regular monitoring, performance optimization, and timely updates to ensure continuous, efficient operation. We also provide 24/7 support to address any issues promptly, along with periodic reviews and enhancements to keep the data infrastructure aligned with evolving business requirements.