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The Clients

An Award-Winning and Highly Renowned Luxury Bath Brand

Serving 55 counties across the globe, the client is a premium lifestyle brand specializing in creating high-end bathroom fixtures and fittings, including showers, shower enclosures, air-showers, bathtubs, water heaters, water taps, and lighting solutions, for both residential and commercial purposes. Renowned for their contemporary, minimalist designs and meticulous craftsmanship, they transform ordinary bathrooms into extraordinary artful spaces.

Project Requirements

Develop a Catalog App with Product Categories, Subcategories, and Listings

As a renowned brand committed to delivering excellence and surpassing global standards of quality and design, the client sought an experienced iPhone app development service provider. They found us at the perfect time and decided to collaborate to develop an iOS mobile application targeting the luxury market segment. This app would cater to customers seeking luxury in their bathing spaces.

The client quickly hired mobile app developers to begin the development process. The iOS app would allow users to browse, select, and shop for products from various centers. Additionally, the client wanted the application to be feature-rich and include a location-based service to help users find the nearest center.

Project Challenges

Integrating High-End Aesthetics and Location Services for a Premium Experience

Some of the major challenges faced by our iOS mobile development team while working on this project included:

  • Delivering a feature-packed application with excellent UI and UX was crucial, presenting a challenge to create an app that was both visually stunning and highly functional
  • Since the app caters to the luxury segment, it needed to provide a realistic and intriguing user experience while ensuring a premium aesthetic. Achieving the right balance posed a significant challenge.
  • From conceptualization to implementation, every stage of the process demanded careful consideration to ensure a seamless and intuitive user experience.
  • Integrating location-based services introduced additional complexities, such as ensuring accurate real-time tracking, handling varying location data formats, and optimizing battery usage without compromising functionality.
  • The catalog app needed to offer users a seamless exploration of product categories, subcategories, and detailed listings while maintaining a fluid user experience - challenging the team to deliver on all fronts.
Solution Offered

Developed a Client-Centric iOS App through Agile Methodology

After understanding the client's requirements, we aimed to deliver an app that matched their vision. To ensure the app resonated with the brand image, our project managers, programmers, graphic designers, and other professionals identified the requirements and challenges and devised a strategy to achieve the project goals.

We allocated a suitable iOS app development team, keeping in mind the requirements, functionalities, and complexity of the project. Through extensive testing and revisions, we finalized the app's design and features for our development team to execute. By following an agile approach and established workflows, we ensured the project's timely delivery while meeting the client's expectations.

Features of the App

  • The app provides the entire range of Artize Products, along with drawings, images, prices, and color options.
  • The app facilitates users to browse, select and shop for their products from the centers right through the app.
  • Users can add the product to their favorite list and can view their favorite list anytime
  • Users can pick items and build their bathroom using items from the catalog. This functionality can be accessed by the user after login.
  • Users can add products, divided among the bathRooms as per one's plan, and also collaborate
  • The user-friendly search option to help users find their desired products
  • The app allows bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Location-based services to help users get to their nearest store using the application.
  • Incorporating product categories, subcategories, product listing with the details of its dealer.

Final Output

We designed an experience that allows users to browse and select the premium collection of bathroom solutions and delights customers with this bespoke iOS application. Through our quality work, we were able to create a highly-praised luxury bathroom solution.

  • An intuitive application for users to find a premium collection of bathroom fittings right through the application
  • A highly scalable mobile app with rich features and functionalities
  • Great UI and UX consistency throughout the catalog app
  • Easy navigation and simple checkout process

The client in turn was elated to see the final output. In no time, the app was registered on app stores and received a great response from the users. Right after its launch, the client was able to grow its customer base and reach a new audience.