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Struggling with hiring as per changing demands and project requirements? Hire dedicated QA teams from our staff augmentation company. By carefully screening, vetting, and onboarding skilled professionals for your team, we enable you to scale (up or down) as and when needed. You can either hire specialized experts (hourly or for specific projects) or build a full offshore development team, including UI/UX designers, software developers, and QA experts.

Our Services

IT Staff Augmentation Services: Build a Dedicated Software Development Team

With 20+ years of experience in global IT outsourcing services, we provide businesses with customized staffing services. You can expedite project delivery with expertly matched talent ready to join your software development workforce by collaborating with us.

Offshore Development Center

Establish an Offshore Development Center (ODC) with TechnoScore to seamlessly extend your IT capabilities beyond borders. This setup allows you to tap into a global talent pool. We help you:

  • Define offshoring objectives by analyzing your requirements
  • Set up legal and administrative frameworks
  • Build infrastructure and acquire the necessary technology
  • Recruit and train the offshore team (developers, project managers, UI/UX designers, QA specialists)
  • Integrate systems and processes with the main office
  • Implement security measures and compliance checks.
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Hire Software Developer

Power your software projects by hiring skilled developers through our staff augmentation services. Whether you need to fill a temporary gap, tackle a specific project, or expand your permanent team, we connect you with top-tier talent. We offer:

  • Developers proficient in advanced programming languages like Python, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Lisp, Swift, etc
  • UI/UX developers for responsive front-end development
  • Expertise in server, database, and logistics for robust back-end development
  • Talent proficient in AI, ML, DL, and Blockchain
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Hire Mobile App Developers

Our dedicated mobile developers enhance your mobile presence by delivering seamless, user-friendly applications. Whether you're building a new app from scratch or optimizing an existing one, our service connects you with developers skilled in the latest mobile technologies. Get access to:

  • Experienced iOS developers skilled in Swift and Objective-C
  • Scalable applications for Android devices using Kotlin and Java
  • Developers skilled in React Native and Flutter for cross-platform development
  • QA specialists and testers to ensure your app is reliable and secure
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Hire QA Team

Ensure top-notch quality of your software projects by hiring a professional QA team. Our QA specialists can identify and resolve minute issues before they reach your users. This enhances your product’s reliability and overall software performance. We offer end-to-end support for:

  • Hands-on testing
  • Creating and managing automated test scripts
  • Performance testing (stability, speed, scalability)
  • Usability testing to evaluate user experience
  • Compatibility and integration testing to ensure optimal performance (devices, OS, browsers)
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Onboard the Perfect IT Team with TechnoScore

  • 20+ years of experience in global IT outsourcing services
  • Vast talent pool with the top 3% talent
  • 5000+ successful projects delivered
Why Choose Us

What Makes our IT Staff Augmentation Services Stand Out?

SOpting for our IT staff augmentation services allows you to benefit from decades of our IT experience. We understand the dynamics and demands of the tech industry. This is why our services not only connect you with top-tier talent but also facilitate knowledge transfer for strategic decision-making.

Complete Authority Over Team Direction

While we provide you with the experts, you retain full control over managing your projects. Our services empower you to direct the team according to your specific requirements and business goals.

Seamless Integration with Existing Teams

Our developers are carefully vetted and selected not only for technical proficiency but also for communication & coordination skills, ensuring minimal disruption and optimal collaboration. They can adapt to your team dynamics, enhancing synergy and promoting a collaborative work environment.

Global Reach & Expertise

Our global presence, combined with domain knowledge & market expertise, ensures that we provide the best talent, no matter where your business is located.

Cost-Effective Scaling

Reduce your operational costs by hiring skilled professionals as per your needs, avoiding the expense of recruitment, benefits, and retention associated with full-time employees.

Flexible Operations

Our staff augmentation services allow you to easily scale your workforce up or down based on project demands, giving you the agility to respond to market changes.

Reduced Hiring and Onboarding Time

Our streamlined recruitment processes allow you to onboard professionals faster, drastically cutting down the time it takes to kick-start new projects or initiatives.

Seamless Integration with Existing Teams

Effortlessly integrate our skilled IT professionals into your existing teams. Enhance productivity and achieve your project goals with seamless collaboration.=

Local Compliance and Administration

We handle all administrative duties, including compliance with local labor laws, payroll, and HR tasks, allowing you to focus entirely on your core business activities.


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Get your Dream Tech Team with Our Staff Augmentation Company

At TechnoScore, assembling an offshore software development team involves several key players. Our recruitment specialists, technical experts, and HR managers work closely to screen, vet, and hire the most fitting candidates for your project. By the end of this rigorous process, you get a team comprising:

A Project Manager

Keeping the project’s scope in mind, they are responsible for overseeing the entire project, from initial product planning to deployment. Their duties include setting timelines, managing budgets, ensuring that all team members are on track.

A Technical Lead

They guide the technical aspects of the project - making architectural designs, complying with technical standards, etc. Additionally, they will also mentor other developers and work closely with the Project Manager to align technical goals with project objectives.

A QA Specialist

QA specialists design test plans, execute test cases, and document the results. They are also responsible for testing the software to find bugs and ensuring it meets the required standards and specifications.

Software Developers

They are the core of the technical workforce - writing, debugging, and maintaining the software code. Based on their area of expertise, they may work on different segments of your project, such as the front-end, back-end, database systems, or full-stack development.


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Expand Software Teams | Bridge Skill Gaps | Manage Workload Spikes with our Staff Augmentation Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Know More About our Processes and How we Work

The primary benefit of opting for staff augmentation services is the flexibility and agility to scale the workforce swiftly and efficiently. There are no long-term obligations, and this approach minimizes overhead costs associated with permanent hires, making it a cost-effective way to meet seasonal workloads and address skill gaps in your existing team.

In an out-staffing arrangement, we manage an entire team that works remotely and is often located offshore. This team operates under our administrative and project oversight. Conversely, staff augmentation allows you to add expert developers to your existing team. These professionals work under your direct management and with your team to support your projects.

Staff augmentation provides you with the flexibility to hire talent precisely when needed, thus avoiding the financial commitment of permanent hires. This flexibility results in controlled and predictable costs, ensuring you receive the maximum value on your investment without incurring unnecessary or hidden expenses.

We ensure quality staffing through a comprehensive vetting process - technical assessments, thorough interviews, and rigorous reference checks. Upon selection and augmentation, we also continuously monitor their performance to ensure they contribute to your project and meet our standards.

TechnoScore has a reputation for its prompt assistance with staff augmentation. Depending on the required skills and project specifics, integration can typically occur within a few hours/days, allowing you to start working within 48 hours. Our staffing experts facilitate a smooth transition with effective onboarding processes and ensure clear communication from the start.