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Make Field Service Operations More Efficient with our Custom Mobile FSM Application Solutions

We excel at developing custom field service management apps from scratch or tailoring off-the-shelf FSM platforms with the required functionalities and modules. Manage fleets, control inventory, and automate dispatching, scheduling, and routing – all through powerful cloud-based or mobile apps that can be seamlessly integrated with existing business systems. Transform your client’s business operations, improve customer service quality, and boost productivity with our field service app development expertise.

Our Services

Our Field Services Management App Development Services

Overcome the challenges of managing a mobile workforce with our field service app development services. Our field service app development solutions provide end-to-end support, from automated job assignment and routing to real-time tracking and reporting, ensuring a seamless experience for your customers and field teams.

Field Service Mobile App Development

Manage the entire field service lifecycle and improve response time with a cross-platform compatible mobile FSM application. Our field service app development solutions allow technicians to accept tasks, review service history, submit service requests, pinpoint concerns, share live updates, and maintain on-schedule task completion.

Real-Time FSM Communication Software Development

Leveraging telephony and VoIP programming, we develop field reporting apps for seamless communication and task follow-up between field service operators, dispatchers, and managers. We add group chat features, video call capabilities, and other custom functionalities to facilitate service request creation, work order monitoring, invoice dispatch, and payment processing.

FSM Reporting Modules & Dashboard Development

Get comprehensive reports on resource utilization, technician productivity, financial growth, service history, and more. Our field reporting app development company specializes in building custom reporting dashboards and modules with real-time KPI tracking and visualization functionalities for detailed analysis and strategic decision-making.

FSM Self-Service Portal Development

Enable customers to independently address their concerns and find solutions with self-service portals. Equipped with live chatbots and virtual assistants, these portals also allow for online service appointment booking and scheduling, real-time status updates on service requests, and access to a detailed knowledge base and troubleshooting guides.

Logistics Solutions & Reverse Logistics Engines Development

Let our field service app developers build logistics management solutions with reverse logistics management capabilities to streamline and accelerate return, repair, and exchange processes from RMA. Key features include order and shipment management, warranty and service parts handling, and refurbishment, recycling, and disposal management.

Remote Assistance Software Development

Facilitate real-time collaboration between remote experts and field technicians to diagnose and solve issues quickly with custom SaaS field management software. By merging their video streams into a unified field of view, we create an interactive merged-reality environment where both parties can work together to resolve customer queries without any delay.

Future-Proof your Field Service Business with a Scalable Custom App

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Get Assistance for Re-engineering Off-Shelf Field Service Management Apps

Off-the-shelf field service management apps may require ongoing enhancement or customization to keep up with your evolving needs. Our team of experts can help you extend the functionality and user experience of these applications by:

Customizing existing features

Handling security patches and vulnerability

Modifying or improving the user interface

Integrating new third-party services and APIs

Code refactoring and modernization

Handling compatibility updates for newer versions of devices and operating systems

Implementing data analytics and reporting

Enhancing mobile accessibility and responsiveness

Custom Field Service Modules Designed for Client-Specific Needs

Our field service management software developers specialize in developing customized modules that tackle your specific business challenges. Enable real-time troubleshooting, effective team collaboration, and resource optimization for streamlined operations and enhanced efficiency.

Dispatch, Planning & Scheduling Software

Enhance dispatcher-technician communication with our AI-driven planning and scheduling software. The solution supports real-time voice IP, SMS, and video communication with instant notifications and alerts, route optimization with map-based visualization and GPS tracking, and automatic task assignment.

Field Service Mobile App Solutions

Develop bespoke mobile FSM applications featuring real-time alerts, dynamic scheduling, inventory management, route optimization, invoicing, accounting, CRM, reporting, reverse logistics, live chat, and more. Oversee the entire field service lifecycle from a dedicated mobile platform.

FSM Mobile Billing Software

Hire FSM developers from us to get mobile billing solutions for invoice generation, payment management, and expense tracking. Features include multi-currency support, automated notifications, batch invoicing, eSignatures, barcode scanning, and integration with accounting or CRM systems.

FSM Inventory Management Software

Our field service management software developers build custom inventory management systems to track, sync, and manage company assets in real time, including devices and equipment. Get complete visibility into inventory, transportation, distribution, returns, repairs, work orders, and parts with a searchable hierarchy.

Achieve Peak Field Service Efficiency with Bespoke Features

Leverage custom-built features, including predictive maintenance alerts, intelligent resource allocation, and real-time performance analytics. Designed to fit your business model, our field service app development solutions ensure maximum efficiency.

Workforce Management Software

Workforce Management Software

Enable dynamic scheduling, real-time task allocation, and comprehensive performance tracking to improve workforce efficiency and reduce operational costs.

  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Inventory & Warehouse Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Spare Parts Management
  • Warranty Management
  • Service Project Management
  • Service Contract Management
  • Document Management

GIS (Geographic Information System) Solutions

We build mobile and web-based GIS portals to facilitate real-time location tracking and route optimization. We integrate custom functionalities such as:

  • Dynamic Asset Mapping and Tracking
  • Route Optimization
  • Data Capture Solutions
  • Geoprocessing & Geocoding
  • Geofencing Alerts
  • Geospatial Mapping
  • Elevation & Spatial Analysis
  • Customer Location Intelligence
  • Interoperable Data Management
GIS (Geographic Information System) Solutions
Mobile Inventory Management

Mobile Inventory Management

Manage inventory levels, receive real-time updates, and optimize inventory flow from any mobile device, reducing discrepancies and avoiding overstock or stockout scenarios.

  • Parts Cataloging and Item Master Management
  • Serial Number, Lot, and Expiration Tracking
  • Parts Kitting and Bundling 
  • Real-time Alerts for Inventory Replenishment
  • Scan Barcodes & RFID Tags
  • Accurate Cost Reporting
  • Searchable Inventory Index
  • Audit Trail of Parts Inventory
  • Inventory Transfer and Movement Tracking between Locations

Enterprise Fleet Management

Integrate real-time GPS tracking, maintenance alerts, and fuel usage analytics to optimize fleet efficiency and reduce operational expenses.

  • Engine Control Modules (ECM)
  • Telematics & Dispatching Software
  • Fleet Maintenance Tools
  • GPS Fleet Tracking Software
  • Fleet Fuel Management (Fleet Cards)
  • Fleet Asset Management Systems
Enterprise Fleet Management

Industries we Serve

Our field reporting app development company specializes in developing and modernizing FSM solutions for a wide range of businesses across several domains, such as:




eCommerce & Retail

Real Estate

Travel & Transportation


Oil & Gas

What Makes TechnoScore the Leading Field Service App Development Company?

Leveraging modern tech and the expertise of our skilled field service management application developers, we develop client-centric solutions that help businesses streamline their processes and boost productivity & profitability.

Some of the key differentiators that make us the preferred field service reporting solution provider are:

  • 25+ Years of Industry Experience
  • 98% Client Retention Rate
  • NDA adherence for Data Security
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Flexible Engagement Models
  • Agile Development Approach
  • Time Zone Advantage
  • Round-the-clock Support (24*7)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Know More About our Processes and How we Work

We follow an agile process for developing custom mobile FSM app solutions and deliver them within your stipulated turnaround time. We start with analyzing your project requirements and workflows to devise a tailored development strategy that aligns with your needs. After architecture, prototype, and app development, we perform thorough testing and security audits. We also provide post-deployment field service software maintenance and support to keep the application secure, functional, and compliant.

We use a modern, scalable stack that includes React.js, Node.js, MongoDB, Express.js, Mongoose, and Socket.IO. Our field service app developers are proficient in a wide range of development technologies and can work on your preferred framework if required. We can also integrate technologies like GPS, IoT, and machine learning to provide advanced features.

Absolutely. Compliance with relevant industry regulations and standards is a top priority for us. Our field services management app development process includes comprehensive security audits and rigorous testing to ensure adherence to regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, and other applicable standards. Additionally, we implement robust data encryption, access controls, and audit logging mechanisms to safeguard sensitive information.

We leverage a modular and extensible app architecture that allows us to easily customize the app to your unique needs. We develop a tailored solution that integrates seamlessly with your current systems and aligns with your specific workflows. Also, we ensure that any changes or additional requirements can be addressed quickly and efficiently, ensuring the app remains a perfect fit for your business.