Hire Angular JS web developer to deploy javascript framework for front-end web development

Experts help you in effectively implementing this javascript framework for front-end web development. They aid in simplifying dynamic single-page application development through intuitive client side programming. Due to this, you can put into use this evolving open-source project that was created in 2009 and has Google as its present support.

Angular helps in developing interfaces and imparting dynamic functionalities to HTML pages through two-way data binding. It also pays special attention towards testing and has already released prominent tools like Batarang and Protractor to make testing, easier. Prominent names who use Angular JS for their websites include-Intel, ABC News and NBC. Its latest version Angular 4.0 was released in May 2017.

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Angular JS Development Services include:

  • MVC ( Model-View Controller)

    Angular follows the basic rules of original MVC software design patterns. It links the user interface to the data which is in form of javascript objects. This feature creates an efficient division to create an application. The model provides the data for the application, the controller enables to manage states and behaviour, the view leads the compiled HTML layout to the controller.

  • Two-way Data Binding

    This feature enables synchronization between the model and the view such that in case one of the two is updated, the other one is also updated without reloading pages. This is achieved with the help of a scope object which governs both the model and the view and ensures any changes are in sync with both. It efficiently reduces the amount of code to be written.

  • Dependency Injection

    Angular JS has an internal dependency injection mechanism that simplifies development and testing. DI allows a developer to ask for a dependency or a service rather than having to search for it or create it. There is also provision for defining custom services and avail them for injection.

  • Directives

    Angular JS directive can be used to make custom HTML tags that can serve as custom widgets. They can be used to impart different behavioural traits to elements and control DOM attributes.

Why choose an Angular JS development company for front-end development?

Angular is a great client side framework. It is an all inclusive solution for rapid front-end development. Angular enables seamless data binding.

Its code quality and support for end to end testing makes it an ubiquitous choice in an industry full of contemporary javascript frameworks.It is an ideal choice for modular development. It undoes the entanglement of using a different number of codes. Using angular, it is delightful to overhaul websites with dynamic functionalities and create fast loading pages that occupy lesser memory. On top of that, it is an acclaimed project in persistent progress with regular updates,constant improvement and support from Google.

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