August 12, 2014

Webflow, the Next-gen in-browser Responsive Website Design Tool

Webflow, the Next-gen in-browser Responsive Website Design Tool!

Webflow, the Next-gen in-browser Responsive Website Design Tool!

A new tool for Responsive Web Development, Webflow, is here. Webflow is an in-browser drag and drop website builder used to design responsive websites without code. The core components and advanced widgets required to create an intuitive website are provided at your fingertips. Users need only drag and drop social widgets and then style it, and edit the components only once which will be replaced automatically in all instances.

It eliminates the need of finding a code manually or integrating jQuery plugins. Its friendly WYSIWYG editor provides complete control to designers over the output, including the way it will be displayed on handheld devices. The tool is being constantly updated with features like video support, continued W3C compliance, etc.

Webflow comes as a solution to the problems that designers face with static design comps that are produced in Photoshop and Fireworks. It generates valid mark up and style sheets, solely on the basis of HTML 5 and CSS3 coding. With its class-based designing strategy, Web designers will be able to employ precise styling to both single and multiple web page elements. Webflow also has the capability of adding codes automatically to impart consistency to a website, across various browsers.

With Webflow, business owners can host their responsive site on their own domain. From selection of different type styles and backgrounds to addition of unique border styles and transitions, business owners can have control over every details of their website’s design.

Webflow comes with a monthly subscription and has multiple pricing levels for teams and individuals. In the monthly subscription, users can host on a content delivery network using a subdomain or can get custom domain hosting by paying extra. Based on Bootstrap 3.0, Webflow allows users to apply their own font. It also gives an access to over 600 Typekit’s web fonts and Google’s web font collection. There are a lot of custom classes in Webflow and also includes a separate style sheet for different types of fixes.

Key Features of Webflow:

  • Create simple forms for collecting customer info: Webflow will allow business owners to create simple and complex forms to enable visitors to easily subscribe to mailing lists, send feedback, messages, and get in touch with them.
  • Integrate Google Analytics Easily: Webflow users can instantly plug Google Analytics into their website and track visits, visitors’ behaviour and monitor acquisition channels.
  • Easy Site Optimization: The Web builder in Webflow is meant for search engine bots. With a little effort on their part, users can easily get their websites on the top.
  • Display Content Intuitively: Webflow empowers business owners to showcase their content in an intuitive manner through Sliders.
  • Addition of Unique Interactions and Animations: With Webflow, users can create animations to boost the user-interaction of their site without touching the JavaScript. Several triggers like scroll events, page load, and click and hover events are made available at the handy.
  • Auto-save: Webflow saves the progress immediately and creates restore points in every 30 minutes in the dashboard’s website settings. Users can also add a note at each restore points and restore the file if something happens.

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