July 3, 2014

Get a ‘Swift’ Update to iOS8!

Introducing 'Swift', for OS X and iOS Application Development!

Introducing ‘Swift’, for OS X and iOS Application Development!

Apple’s new ‘Swift’ programming language is ready to make your iOS and OS X applications lightning-fast. This innovative programming language works alongside Objective-C and empowers you to provide your app-users with an interactive and cutting-edge application-using experience, like never before.

On shifting to Swift, your app will dominate over your competitors’ app with features like accelerated performance, boosted iOS functioning, and the option for you to retrieve data from the iCloud itself.

Do you want to unlock the limitless potential of this programming language?

Luckily, we, at TechnoScore, are among the first few companies to adopt Swift for all our upcoming iOS app development and migration projects. Whether you would like to migrate your existing iOS apps or get iOS 8 apps developed on Swift, we’ve got your back.

Supported by a team of developers experienced in using the iOS SDK, Xcode, Cocoa Touch, and other IDE Tools, at TechnoScore, we can help you give your app-users a treat of the Swift programming language.

TechnoScore implements ‘Swift’ to provide:

To learn how we can help you outshine your competitors using Swift, kindly write to us at info@technoscore.com.


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