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The Clients

One-of-a-Kind Taxi Service Provider in Saudi Arabia

The client operates a taxi service exclusively for women drivers and offers driving lessons. With a substantial network of female drivers, they provide affordable transportation, benefiting passengers and drivers through an efficient and user-friendly system.

Project Requirements

Development of a Dual-Variant Taxi Booking App for iOS and Android

The client approached us to leverage our mobile app development services and transform their vision into a market-ready taxi-hailing app. They needed a technology partner who could proactively contribute to the design and ideation of the application at economical prices. They chose us after considering our extensive expertise in application development and strategic approach to building robust iOS and Android applications.

  • Develop a taxi booking app with two variants, one for the taxi drivers and the other for the passengers. Based on the location & travel destination, the passengers could search for a nearby driver, and send a ride request. The passengers should be able to book a ride, travel, and pay using the app. On the other hand, the drivers' app could let the drivers be notified of ride demands, accept ride requests, and complete the requested rides.
  • Develop a scalable and robust architecture for the application and equip the app with rich features which could help the client to scale. Additionally, the app was to be developed in two languages i.e. English and Arabic
  • To develop an admin panel to monitor total rides, total revenue, daily/weekly and monthly trips and transactions, canceled rides, number of passengers and drivers registered, etc. The admin could also manage and control various factors such as verifying drivers, demand surge, discounts, coupon codes, managing taxi fare, vehicle categories, etc.
Project Challenges

Implement Bilingual Support and Handle UX/UI Complexities in Both the Variants

After understanding the client's requirements, our mobile app development team discussed and identified the major challenges and complexities involved in the project. Some of them were:

  • Ensuring high performance and smooth functionality under heavy load while adhering to great coding practices
  • Developing the taxi-hailing app in both English and Arabic
  • Creating two distinct app variants: one for drivers and one for passengers
  • Maintaining excellent UI/UX consistency throughout the taxi-booking app
  • Equipping the app with rich features and functionalities such as ride requests, login/register, payment gateway, ratings, and cab tracking
  • Incorporating an advanced taxi fare GPS and real-time location tracking with maps
Solution Offered

An Intuitive Native App Connecting Riders and Drivers Seamlessly

After understanding the project requirements and challenges, our app development team developed a clear project roadmap, in which we documented app ideas and studied the target market, business model, competition, and revenue streams. We further analyzed the application requirements and created user stories, feature lists, wireframes, process flow diagrams, and clickable prototypes. On the technology front, we recommended the most viable technology stack to develop a robust architecture for the app.

Focusing on user experience and UI/UX was central to the development process. We aimed to create intuitive usability for both passenger and driver applications. The passenger app was designed for easy taxi booking, seamless payments, and quick cab location. The driver app allowed easy registration, booking management, passenger location, and trip completion.

We developed native Android and iOS applications for drivers and passengers, enabling seamless connections between riders and drivers. Additionally, we created an admin panel to manage rides and activities from both the riders' and drivers' end.


As required by the client, we developed different panels of the application such as User Panel, Admin Panel, and Restaurant Panel.


App for Riders

  • User sign-in/registration
  • Splash screen
  • Choose destination
  • Choose a ride
  • Payment option
  • Live tracking of taxi
  • Notifications
  • Cancel ride
  • Driver or ride review
  • Safety features
  • Passes & coupons
  • Ride history
  • Request sessions for learning to drive

App for drivers

  • Driver's account sign in
  • Taxi registration
  • Accept or deny ride request
  • Calls & message option
  • Earning tab
  • Pop-up notifications
  • Trip history
  • GPS tracking

Admin Panel

  • Fare management
  • Ride management
  • Report management
  • Coupon management
  • Heat-map view


Our taxi booking app transformed the client's business, achieving remarkable milestones in user engagement and financial growth.

  • 4.5/5 star rating: Maintained a high user satisfaction rate with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.
  • 80,000+ rides booked: Facilitated over 80,000 successful rides within the first six months of launch.
  • Real-time tracking accuracy: Enhanced ride security and convenience with 98% accuracy in real-time tracking and ETA predictions.
  • 30% increase in revenue: Experienced a 30% increase in revenue due to the app's efficiency and popularity.