April 16, 2018

Follow these iOS Application Trends in 2018 to Tread the Road to Recognition

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With the recent release of iOS 11.3, the iOS capabilities are expected to undergo a steady surge. The update will change how iPhone, iPad and iPod touch would work on the elementary level.

According to a report by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, Apple’s iOS loyalty rate is nearly 85-88 per cent. Having a considerably smaller market in comparison to Android, the report comes as unravelling a significant opportunities for businesses to tap on in the wake of iOS app development services.

A quick insight into what would be scorching in 2018…

Smart Apple HomeKit- This futuristic technology would pave way for a host of new opportunities. It would help you to control your home appliances using your iPhone. For instance, you would no longer have to keep a track of the whereabouts of your AC’s remote as you would be able to manage its temperature using your phone. In the distant future, developers will leverage HomeKit to power home automation applications.

Swift 4- Swift 4 gives you advantage over Objective C and other predecessors in terms of building faster apps that occupy a relatively less space on your device. The programming language introduced by Apple is making waves among iOS application development companies because of its flexibility and robustness.

Cloud based applications- With cloud-based technologies gaining traction, their usage is expected to increase. When integrated with iOS applications, it would serve as icing on the cake. You can reap its benefits with the help of iOS app development services from experts.

Apple Pay- The e-payment and digital wallet developed by the company empowers its users to make online transactions in a hassle-free manner. The integration of Apple Pay with apps will pave for secure cashless transaction among iOS users. Its contribution for making eCommerce transactions on other iOS apps will rise.

Because it is important and will always be…

Game up your design to do the talking

In order to create an impactful UX/UI, it is quintessential to pay attention to the following-

  • Images should be presented in their intended aspect ratio to avoid distortion.
  • Align your content in such a way that it evokes interest of the readers while casting an ‘organized’ look.
  • Do not underestimate the importance of correct spacing, contrast, text size and apt formatting so that primary content can be viewed in a hassle-free manner without zooming or rotating the screen.

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