March 17, 2015

UI Designer vs UX Designer


Imagine! A customer is willing to buy a red scarf from a website. What if he faces issues while making the payment? What if he faces issues while logging in? What if the site’s layout is confusing? Or all of the above?

He won’t buy.

Yes, as simple as that. In this era of digitalization and competition (and online scamming of course) if a customer doubts a site’s credibility, he is more likely to switch to other competitor sites.

Most of the entrepreneurs understand that user experience (abbreviated as UX) is a crucial part of launching a digital product successfully. They also understand that having a comfortable user interface (abbreviated as UI) is important. Because if people fail to use your product, you too will fail in selling it to them.

The Common Mistake

UX and UI designers are the backbone of the design community. Many misconceptions and complications follow when we talk about the difference of UX and UI. Let’s jump right into metaphorically explaining it with a standardized definition.

UX is the great feeling of being able to do bungee jumping securely. Though, in contrast, the secure elastic rope and body harness that prevents you from slipping or getting hurt is good UI. In short, the WHOLE package is what makes it a pleasant UX, whereas good UI is its most fundamental element.

Theoretically, while UX designers are concerned with the overall feel of the product, the layout plan plays the primary concern for UI designers.

UI is a tool of UX. In the quest of a great user experience, user interface is the best tool at our disposal. Why? Because the interface is the most visible and tactile method of user interaction. This is possibly the best explanation as to why these terms are used interchangeably, or even combined.

No matter how interesting your website content is, everything will fall flat if the buyer doesn’t get a good user experience. As a part of maintaining a healthy website quality and glitch-free user experience, eCommerce entrepreneurs often consider outsourcing the UI/UX design responsibilities to the professionals. Experts can lend creative design, usability and accessibility to your product, which can remarkably increase the engagement of users, resulting in increased sales.

Why do people outsource UI/UX Design Services?

Outsourcing not only is cost efficient but also gives a better opportunity to seek guidance from the field experts, catering similar problems of clients of all sizes and from various industries. Finding the right User Centered Design Services can help you build beautiful web based solutions and applications that can significantly improve the user experience of your end users.

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