June 16, 2014

Top 10 Brand-shaping Current Web Designing Trends of 2014


Latest Web Designing Trends

Top 10 Brand-shaping Current Web Designing Trends of 2014

With 2014 stepping into its second half, it’s time to have a look at the latest web designing trends that are making a splash. Here are the top 10 trends which are being implemented and suggested by web design experts and are anticipated throughout the remaining course of 2014. Be sure to share your thoughts and comments!

#1 Flat Minimalist Designs

The year 2014 is about keeping the website’s design, intuitive, clean, user-centered and uncluttered. Using a design without drop shadow and gradients and with more of white space will ensure a better user experience.

#2 Long Scrolling

With mobile browsing at its peak, users have become accustomed to scrolling down a long way to read and find information. Use it to your advantage by getting a long scrolling website.

For instance, take SunTec Digital’s website. They have a long scrolling homepage with well-organized content. You wouldn’t realize how far you have scrolled down to see what lies in store for you as it is fun with the layout changing every time you scroll.

While following this trend make sure that the homepage is thoughtfully designed as not to overwhelm users, has organized content and a fixed header bar.

#3 Fixed Header Bar

Give users a subtle prompt to take a deeper plunge into the website with a fixed header bar. A fixed header bar ensures that the users do not have to scroll back to the top of the page to navigate through other pages of the website, making the website an easily navigable one.

#4 Parallax

Combining a mix of 3D illusions, depth, and effects of movement, Parallax designs help you in making an impact on the visitors with powerful imagery and creative typography. Through this technique, the graphics and the animations change as the users scroll, adding depth and making the page livelier.

#5 Extensive Use of HD Images, 3D Animations and Videos

In comparison to patterns for texture, using HD pictures, large background images, and 3D animations and videos seem to be a popular trend. If the words are failing to make the cut, use an under 30 second clip to deliver a linear brand message to the audiences.

#6 Infographics, For Clean and Concise Information

They grab attention, provide information concisely and accurately, and do not cost much, they’re infographics. You can paint a thousand words about your services and intrigue visitors with an infographic.

#7 Responsive, of course!

The year 2013 was ‘the year of responsive’ and so will be 2014. Responsive web designing has become a standard due to the heavy demand of smartphones and tablets and will be followed religiously.

 #8 Typography Taking the Center Stage

Typography has become mainstream. Modern fonts like black jack, nexa, streetwear, glamor, fairview, boomtown deco, lakesight and font styles like handwritten fonts, retro, large type, and flat design and mix and match typography are finding their place in a number of newly designed websites.

#9 Large Hero Areas in Place of Sliders

Hero areas or the intro areas with high-quality images is the exciting new trend of the year 2014. It was followed in the first half of 2014 and is expected to grow bigger in the second half. The hero banners can contain images, videos, animations, etc., to give the users a quick and strong overview of what you and your website has to offer.

#10 Blocks of Content

A trend influenced by Windows 8’s design, blocks or grids of content steal the focus of the readers as they facilitate easy and casual browsing. Better known as card navigation, the blocks of content work greatly when a website is designed on responsive techniques.


If you are someone who doesn’t deal with website designing and development every day, unlike us, you can get in touch with us for re-designing or designing a new website as per these trends. To learn more about the benefits of implementing these trends, reach us at info@technoscore.com.


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