September 9, 2014

Tips to Increase Traffic through Improvements in Website’s Design

Implement these web design improvement tips to drive more organic search traffic to your website, improve your visitors’ browsing experience, and ultimately derive potentially large online gains.

  1. Replace Background Images with CSS3 Gradients

Background images are large in size and chew bandwidth which slows down a website. Replacing those background images with CSS3 gradients will not only increase your website’s loading speed but will also give it a minimalistic appearance.

  1. Boost Visitors’ Trust

While getting a website designed or redesigned, make sure that you do the following things to instil trust in your website’s visitors.

  • Avoid stock photography
  • Avoid pre-made templates
  • Include logos of well-known clients on the homepage
  • Display social media followers
  • Add links to media coverage
  1. Replace JavaScript with CSS3 Transitions

It is true that JavaScript has been trusted by developers to design a professional front page slider and give other interactive effects, but there is CSS3 which can not only be used to design a better-looking slider, but also a lightweight one. By combining HTML5 and CSS3, you can get an intuitively designed homepage without compromising with its load speed.

  1. Go Responsive

The combination of HTML5 and CSS3 can not only enhance the interactivity and dynamism of a website, but can also make your website compatible with various types of devices and browsers. Whether you are getting a website designed or redesigned, making the design responsive is a must.

  1. Few Other Tips
  • Simplifying the Document Object Model
  • Install Alternative PHP Cache if you have a website on PHP or a PHP-based CMS
  • Reduce the amount of data to be transferred from the server

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