March 14, 2018

2018: The Year of Groundbreaking Web Design Trends

Over the past few years, web design and development has become a totally different story from what it initially used to be. The story of its evolution is a captivating one and the transition from hard-coded text ridden web pages to fluid and visually appealing ones has certainly been swift. The journey continues to pack more thrills as new developments come to the light. Especially this year a lot of new technologies have emerged and are changing the way a variety of industries have been functioning, and web application development is no exception to it.

Here are some trends that may find their way into web application design and development services:

Unconventional web-page layouts

With designers looking to make an impact and attempting to standout from others to meet client expectations, this year is quite likely to see layouts that depart from the traditional structures of organization and symmetry. Designers have already begun implementing asymmetric layouts and nuanced color schemes in a bid to make a more profound influence on visitors. This out of the box approach is being increasingly spotted in the web application development services market and is noticeably the new way of fulfilling the quest of creating unique company brands and applications.

More granularity with typography

The implementation of typography in webpages is going to go a little more deeper along with evolving designs and personas. The selection of fonts to write content in is set to become more personalized according to the nature of the website and the predominant buyer personas. Previously the use of typography was more focused towards making content more readable and best suited to be viewed on mobile devices, but now additional factors such as audience behaviour and analytic insights to some extent will play a role in the choice of fonts and typography for websites.

Use of Accelerated mobile pages

AMP is a contemporary way of increasing mobile loading time and it is definitely up there amongst other top trends finding their way into web design and development. It makes browsing through mobile a faster experience with lesser data usage as compared to conventional web pages. Designers already familiar with the mobile first approach are now incorporating design elements and technologies that enhance the performance of mobile pages.

This year web application development is set to go full harvest with the amount of exciting avenues developers and designers find at their disposal.

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