August 18, 2014

Top 5 WordPress Plugins to Support Animation-heavy Website

Top 5 WordPress Plugins to Support Animation-heavy Website!

Top 5 WordPress Plugins to Support Animation-heavy Website!

GIF animations boost the interactivity of a WordPress website. However, these animations are also a probable reason behind slowing down load times, preventing repeated traffic. To help WordPress website owners in maintaining the performance of their website with GIF animation, TechnoScore’s WordPress Web Development experts have prepared a list of the top 5 essential plugins for working with GIF animations.

While designing a WordPress website with GIF animation, our WordPress developers ensure that they eliminate all the issues leading to delay in page loading. They integrate a plugin which makes a GIF file’s size smaller and loading experience better.

  1. WP

    WP includes specific animated GIF optimization techniques. It makes the animations more efficient by eliminating pixels that stay the same across different frames. To further boost a page’s loading speed, this plugin also removes unnecessary Meta data and strips unused colours from the indexed images.

  2. Lazy Loading Plugins

    A Lazy Loading Plugin speeds up an animation-heavy website by loading only the content which is currently being viewed by a visitor. A few of the free lazy loading plugins with different features for optimizing websites with GIF animations are Image Lazy Load, BJ Lazy Load, Rocket Lazy Load, Unveil Lazy Load, etc.

  3. Animated GIF Resize

    Animated GIF Resize allows to resize GIF animations without breaking it. It eliminates WordPress’ issue of displaying an animated GIF’s first frame without anything else.

  4. Giphypress

    Besides boosting the load speed of a WordPress website, Giphypress also allows users to search GIFs by tag and find animations relevant to any subject. This plugin also makes it easy to embed Giphy files in a site.

  5. GIF Animation Preview

    The GIF Animation preview plugin finds a GIF animation on a site and replaces it with a preview image. This plugin uses the first frame of an animation and gives options to visitors to see the animation or move forward without seeing it.

For optimum performance of WordPress website with GIF animations, hire WordPress developers from us. Our developers can not only design a responsive website with GIF animations for you, but can also customize and integrate feature-rich plugins which will enhance and maintain the functionality and user-interactivity of the website.

For integration of any of the abovementioned WordPress plugin or customization of a new plugin, kindly get in touch with us at


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