February 14, 2020

How A Full-Stack Development Company Can Help Startups

Choose Full-Stack Development Company for MVP Development

Every year millions of new start-ups emerge but only a handful of them are able to survive in the market because of the huge paradigm shift in the business landscape. If you want to be at the forefront of your business without splurging a lot of investments, you should consider hiring a full-stack development company for that critical MVP development. Today, almost every start-up validates their idea when building an application or a website before moving on to develop a full-fledged product. The MVP development helps you shape your product catering to your customers’ needs. Hiring an offshore company can not only develop your minimum viable product (MVP) with utmost proficiency but also help you to keep your headcount low. Now, let’s look at the top reasons for hiring a full-stack developer for your start-up.

1. Great Problem Solver

Reactjs Development Services

Businesses prefer to hire an expert who knows the ins and outs of frontend (reactjs development services) and backend development along with the database architecture that binds both of them. By definition, a full-stack developer is the one who has expertise in all three of these and can create a software product independently without requiring any additional support. They can also adept in solving different problems as compared to other developers.

“According to a survey conducted by StackOverflow, 48.2% of professionals have become full-stack web developers because of their ever-growing demand in the IT industry”.

When you run a start-up, you have a clear objective in mind but a not-so-clear path of execution. Unlike well-established business enterprises, you have to be very cautious of every penny that you’ll spend. So, when you plan to develop an app or a website, you should consider hiring a full-stack web developer who can take care of every development aspect. Right from server-side programming to user interfaces and even database applications or anything that comes in between. This added flexibility not only saves you dollars but also solves many complex problems during the development phase.

2. Knowledge of Multiple Tech Skills

A developer having knowledge of multiple tech skills

The primary reason why start-ups prefer to hire full-stack web developers is that they have sound knowledge of various technical skills, which can help you grow and expand your business. In other words, full-stack web developers are the “unicorns” of the information technology and software development world.

As a startup founder, you may not require front-end development wizards or back-end masters having rich expertise in building the best-in-class web infrastructure. You can go ahead with a full-stack developer having the core programming knowledge so that you won’t feel stranded alone when you have to scale up your business. As the company grows, the full-stack developer grows along with it and delivers great benefits in the long run. For instance, the full-stack developer can prepare detailed documentation for newly hired developers to quickly understand your business operations and how everything works. The full-stack developer could also act as a bridge between the client and the newly joined developers to effectively communicate the message.

3. Exemplary Management Skills

Full-stack developer with Exemplary Management Skills

In start-up culture, professionals having sound industry knowledge of different domains are likely to get promoted earlier. A full-stack web developer has better chances to get promoted since they have rich experience of working on various projects as compared to frontend and backend software developers. They also get sound exposure to the company’s technology architecture and how it all fits together. This not only provides them a great learning opportunity but also increases their chances to get promoted. Not just this, a full-stack developer becomes a crucial part of the company within a short span of time.

Unlike specialist developers who know a particular technology stack and work in their own silos, a full-stack developer is familiar with all the aspects of different technology stacks. When your start-up grows and you hire specialist developers, a full-stack developer can easily manage them since they have rich knowledge.

Wrapping Up

Hiring a full-stack development company or developer can prove to be beneficial for your start-up. They have a rich exposure to different technology stacks, which allow them to cater to your diverse business requirements as compared to other web developers. You can consider them a jack of all trades who can become the master as your start-up grows. If you need a full-stack developer for your start-up, we suggest you hire our dedicated and talented professionals. Connect with our experts by dropping a line to info@technoscore.com.


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