June 25, 2021

Own a Food Business? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Food Delivery App Development

on-demand food delivery app Solutions

With the lockdowns and COVID restrictions, there’s no way to dine out and explore food. Hence, the food delivery business has seen massive growth in the current scenario as more people are ordering food online. Food delivery services are rapidly growing and there’s no heading back as the market is predicted to reach over $182.3 billion by 2024. Whether you own a restaurant or plan to establish it, food delivery app development can help you create a successful business. Developing an on-demand food delivery app can help in scaling your business, improve customer experience, global reach, instant service, and provide 24/7 support.

This explicit guide will help you understand every aspect of how food ordering apps and how to create a food delivery app from scratch.

Highlights Of Content
  • Reasons Why Your Business Needs an On-Demand Food Delivery App?

  • Step By Step Process Of Developing a Food Delivery App

  • Food Delivery App- Must-Have Features

  • Reasons Why It’s Worth Investing in Food Delivery Apps?

  • Cost Of Developing a Food Ordering App

  • Challenges While Developing Food Ordering App And Its Solutions

  • Things To Consider While Developing a Food Delivery Application

  • Food Deliveries Amid COVID-19 Pandemic- How To Deal With It?

  • Summing Up

Reasons Why Your Business Needs an On-Demand Food Delivery App?

Food delivery apps encountered a huge boost in revenue growth due to changes in consumer behavior. Below data shows that some of the leading food delivery apps in the U.S doubled their revenue in comparison to last year.

on-demand food delivery app solutions

1. The concept of cloud kitchen
Organizations that are anticipating set-up virtual cafés or grocery store kitchens can pick food conveyance applications. It helps food business professionals to interface with business kitchens to dispatch their own virtual cafés. Prior conventional kitchens dismissed the idea of cloud kitchens however with the coming of online food conveyance tech advancement food organizations are only zeroing in on working with consistent online conveyance administrations.

2. Expanded Demand
We as a whole realize that the COVID-19 pandemic is getting progressively boundless. The method of living of each individual is going advanced. Individuals depend on online administrations to get their everyday fundamentals. The food business got an unexpected ascent in the interest for online food conveyance administrations. Food entrepreneurs are needed to oblige more crowds than any time in recent memory. In the event that you are working in the food business, this is the correct opportunity to get your eatery conveyance applications and serve the developing business sector requests.

3. Building trust among clients and sellers
The on-request conveyance applications have effectively acquired gigantic development and prevalence. The innovation entrance is adding to develop the food market. The food application gives sufficient straightforwardness to the two clients and dealers.

4. Enhanced customer engagement
Each entrepreneur wishes to hold their clients for quite a while. To increment restoring guests, fostering a tweaked on-request application is the principal thing to do. To drive more clients and to construct a solid relationship with them, organizations need to put resources into home conveyance applications.

Fostering a food application will assist you with interfacing with likely clients. To drive the objective market, food entrepreneurs should put resources into custom application advancement that can arrive at a more extensive cluster of crowds that need online food conveyance administrations.

5. Rise in sales
The principal reason for any business is to acquire higher benefits, obviously, while feeding the clients. To get a lift in deals, your food conveyance application can be your best buddy. Considering how? Indeed, on the off chance that you have put resources into a decent food conveyance application improvement group, you will undoubtedly get higher deals.

Highlights like message pop-ups, messages, opportune limits, restrictive arrangements, and other rewarding alternatives, at that point they will undoubtedly adhere to your business. At last, when you are doing everything to keep them (quality food and restrictive arrangements), there is a higher possibility that you are fabricating long-haul clients, without a doubt. Consequently, a lift in deals!

6. Hike in Job Opportunities
At the point when you are using a food conveyance application, you are serving the clients, yet additionally expanding the open positions for individuals too. Your business will require conveyance specialists, and that is the manner by which you even assist individuals in making money. Also, with more conveyance specialists, it will be a lot simpler for your clients to appreciate continuous consistent food conveyance administrations.

Step By Step Process Of Developing a Food Delivery App

Here’s a complete process of how to develop a food delivery app from scratch:

process of food delivery app development

Conduct Market Research

The most essential part to focus on before developing a food delivery app is conducting thorough market research. It will give you insights into your target audience, competitors, the latest industry trends, and more. Constantly monitor the market trends and food delivery trends to make sure that your app development is heading in the right direction.

Choose the right business model

There are various business models for food delivery apps, some of them are:

  • The order only model
  • The order and delivery model
  • Cloud restaurant model
  • Meal kit delivery model

The order only model
This order-only model was first introduced by service providers like JustEat and Grubhub. Now what’s unique about this model is that it notifies the new orders to the restaurants via an optimized web portal and mobile app services. It eradicated the use of traditional phones and processes to receive orders. The customers can easily place an order through the app thus, making food delivery seamless.

The order and delivery model
This is an upgraded version of “the order only model” which is followed by several famous food delivery brands. The whole idea of the order and delivery model is to eliminate the investment made in resources for delivering food that includes vehicles and other logistics. The service providers manage the logistics for different food joints and restaurants by carrying the food orders from the eateries to the customer.

Cloud restaurant model
This is a unique and rapidly growing model wherein the restaurants do not offer in-house dining services, rather providing takeaways. The orders are prepared in a cloud kitchen and then delivered to the customers via food delivery agents. This is beneficial for businesses who are at their initial stage, as it takes less investment, food prices are reasonable along with healthy margins.

Choose the revenue model

Delivery Charges
The service providers apply a delivery charge on orders based on location, distance, and food price.

Revenue Sharing
Several food delivery apps collaborate with eateries to take pre-defined commission rates on each order. Every order has a different rate based on the order size.

Advertisement and Promotional Services
Food delivery apps generate a large amount of revenue by promoting different restaurants on the search listing through ad campaigns. It may include banners or advertisements about their products, discounts, offers, and services provided by the app. It boosts the brand visibility and eventually helps to target the audience on a global level.

Surge Pricing
According to this revenue model, food delivery apps increase the delivery charges at peak times lunch or dinner. The price surge can also happen during the festive season, bad weather, or during high demand.

Design and Development

Once you have decided on the revenue model, now it’s time to jump on the designing and development phase. One of the most important factors is to grab the customer’s attention quickly. With various food delivery apps launching nowadays, you need customers to stick to your brand. It can be possible with attractive UI and UX, you cannot draw customers with a dull and non-interactive app.

An interactive, engaging, and easy-to-use food delivery app is all you need to skyrocket your business. Outline your requirements as to how you want your app to look like, features to add, etc. Once you are done with the strategy, do not hesitate to invest in an efficient app development company that has experienced professionals in developing and designing digitally transformative apps.

The app development process has different stages mentioned below:

  • UX/UI design
  • Project planning
  • App development
  • QA and testing
  • App launch

Test the Beta Version

The next step is to build a beta version of your delivery app before launching it. It includes testing the functionalities, features, categories, lists, clicks, buttons, payment modes, etc.

It will help you get honest feedback from the consumers or few app users and make improvements accordingly. This will help you rectify various problems and errors in the app, making it a final success.

Finally, Launch your ‘Food Delivery App’

Now, when you are completely satisfied with all the testing done in Beta Testing, it is finally the time to launch your app. Get your social media team ready, as they will play an important role here. Now, when your app is ready, you will need some time to market it and let people know about it.

Now when you are done with the beta testing, it is the perfect time to launch your food delivery app. After that keep your social media team ready to promote and market your app to let people know about your brand.


Creating a food delivery app is not sufficient nowadays until you promote it wisely. Take a comprehensive approach and start building a profound social media strategy to create awareness about your brand. For this, you can consider the following options:

  • Paid ads
  • Social media marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Partners

Food Delivery App- Must-Have Features

The global revenue for food delivery is €83 billion wherein 4 percent of food is sold through restaurants and fast-food chains. To grow your food delivery app, you must add exclusive features for a smooth customer experience. Let’s understand those features in detail:

Customer App

Sign up & Profile Management
Sign up is the initial level where users register themselves through their email id, mobile no, or social media account. Users need to fill in relevant details like phone no, name, email id, and address to proceed further. Providing as many options to sign up, an easy registration process will be a great option for customers.

It enables users to browse restaurants near their location and they can also track the delivery agent’s location.

Restaurant List
Users can select the preferable restaurant by scrolling through a list of eateries in their area. They can check reviews and ratings to easily order food.

Delivery Address
This feature lets users enter their address or the app can track the user’s current location through GPS. Customers can save different addresses in their profiles for quick ordering.

Payment Mode
This is the most important feature that includes different payment options such as Debit/Credit card, Cash On Delivery, eWallets for secure transactions.

Food Cart
Users can review their order at one place and add or remove items accordingly from the cart before the final checkout and payment.

Order History
This feature saves a lot of time. If a user wants to order a previously ordered item, he or she can view the order history and place an order instantly without searching for the same.

Review & Rating.
Users can share their reviews and rate their experiences. This feature creates transparency among the users who want to try a new restaurant. They can easily check the reviews and ratings to know more about the food quality and service.

Push Notifications
With this feature users are always updated and notified about the latest discounts, offers, and coupons. They get notified via email or text message related to the latest updates.

Multiple filters
Filters simplify the search process for users, based on location, review, price, rating, food type. After all, convenience is the key to attract customers.

Restaurant App

Managing Orders
This element permits eateries to refresh request status and let clients think about it. Clients will get refreshes like “café has acknowledged your request”, “your food is being ready” that will give them a rough conveyance time.

Accounts and Management
The eateries enrolled with the administrator application can deal with the monetary exchanges and records under this component.

This element oversees new request refreshes, dropped orders, orders under an arrangement, finished requests, and the entire sum gathered on each request. This aids café proprietors to make further moves appropriately.

Restaurant Profile
This element permits café proprietors to alter their costs, rebate rates, food postings, and current updates for the accessibility of the items.

Add Products
The head supervisor can alter the menu and food things to the eatery utilizing this application and get it refreshed on the application progressively.

Acknowledge or reject a request
Café proprietors can acknowledge or reject orders.

Brand Management
On the off chance that a café brand is working from various areas, this component permits them to deal with their store advantageously.

Unique Offers/Coupon Code Management
It permits food specialist organizations to advance new arrangements, offers, limits, and improve client maintenance.

Track Payments
Café proprietors can connect their record subtleties and view exchange status like effective installment or forthcoming settlements.

Request Reports
Eateries can get the reports for the presentation of their business to make the further required moves.

Client assistance
This element permits storekeepers to address item and cafés related issues.

Delivery Person App

The delivery person is required to register himself on the app. Once the registration process is completed, he gets verified to accept orders and start delivering.

Managing Orders
It allows delivery agents to track order requests, and accept or reject orders.

Through this feature, delivery agents can see the contact number of the customers and call them if they face issues like finding the exact location.

Online Support
The app support team is available to rectify various issues faced by the delivery agents by communicating with them via call or chat.

Delivery History
Using this feature, delivery agents can monitor their deliveries and payment records for each order.

Status Update
This feature is used by delivery agents to update the delivery status.

Reasons Why It’s Worth Investing in Food Delivery Apps?

Key reasons that every food business should consider investing in food delivery apps are as follows:

Customer convenience
Online media gives straightforwardness and solace to the clients. Creating food applications assist your clients with making the most of their #1 dinner whenever. It guarantees contactless and safe conveyance. Food sweethearts can make secure online installments utilizing their credit or charge cards or some other favored method of installment. The cutting-edge food application guarantees every one of the advanced highlights like an assortment of food choices, a rundown of close by and top of the line cafés, picking the favored method of installments to draw more customers. Offering incredible client accommodation is the vital appeal to foster an online food delivery application.

Expanded admittance to a more extensive market
Organizations can revive their tasks with versatile delivery applications. A capable application works with organizations with more extensive market reachability and admittance to a huge customer base. Brands can market their products, offers, menu, services, and some other premium plans in a distinct manner. Eateries or cafes cannot work constantly, however, their administrations can, in any case, be available to a broad scope of clients through a capable application.

Increased Visibility
Regardless of the idea of your business, an application for food conveyance is the most ideal approach to acquire the greatest business openness. A rich-quality application breaks the segment hindrance and assists brands to reach customers globally. It assists them with upgrading their online perceivability and making their computerized presence more solid.

Improved food delivery process
Online food ordering is beneficial for both business owners and consumers. With advanced features like real-time tracking, order updates, route optimization, delivery agent’s contact details, the food delivery process gets more efficient. Customers can monitor their food delivery and also the delivery agents can follow the shortest path to ensure less delivery time.

Managed Database
Fostering a food application assists organizations with keeping a data set that incorporates information of repeating shoppers, orders, and clients’ inclinations related to food menus and eateries. The app allows businesses to keep a tab of transaction history, enables customers to share feedback, rate food quality, delivery agent’s behavior, and other reviews. Rectifying and addressing these issues will build trust and brand loyalty among the consumers.

Increase brand recognition
Today, individuals across the globe depend on online mediums to order almost everything. In such a situation, a powerful online presence plays a lead part to bring food brands to the forefront and make them perceived by a huge number of web clients.

Cost Of Developing a Food Ordering App

Different companies have their own cost criteria for developing a food delivery application. Several factors that need to be considered while deciding the cost of building an app is listed below:

App Features & Functionality
In light of your plan of action, you can choose what highlights and functionalities you need to offer to the end clients. Today, different businesses are pushing toward computerization and offering solace to their intended interest groups. Following the application improvement pattern, the further developed element, and functionalities you will add to your application the higher the cost will be.

The two mainstream stages to foster a portable application are Android and iOS. In view of your intended interest group, you can choose what improvement stage will be an ideal choice for your business. While contrasting Android and iOS, Android will be more affordable. Yet, on the off chance that you need to target iOS proprietors, you will be needed to expand your spending plan.

There are several technologies combined to form a complex application. Based on your business model and the platform of your app you can choose the right technologies that help in meeting the desired specifications.

App Design
An intelligent application configuration is all that you require to acquire the client’s consideration. Adding 3D components, interactive graph

Outsource an on-demand food delivery app & portal development company
Coming from a non-technical background, it can be difficult for certain businesses or individuals to develop a food delivery app. Outsourcing can help you get effective On-Demand Food Delivery Solutions that enable you to discover opportunities and create strong customer engagement. It also ensures efficient management and on-time project delivery.

Challenges While Developing Food Ordering App And Its Solutions

Every app faces certain challenges at the development phase and likewise, food delivery apps face them too. Let’s discuss some of those roadblocks:

1. Collaborate With Restaurants
One of the major drawbacks in the food delivery business can be searching for restaurants to collaborate with. It can be difficult at the initial stage, but you can consider partnering with newbies or small restaurants that want to promote their businesses online. Since your business is on the beginner level, you can leverage this strategy to increase the partner count.

2. MVP Features
MVP (minimum viable product) features can be challenging to decide while developing a food delivery app. It largely impacts the final launch and outcome of your app. Thus, you need to spend sufficient time deciding MVP features. It is best to outsource an app development company, they will help you in incorporating the accurate MVP features. This will lead to a successful app that aligns with your business requirement and generates more revenue.

3. Competition
The key to sustain in this rapidly growing food delivery business is offering uniqueness to the customers. If you are new to this business, make sure you have something new to offer to your clients. Experiment smartly with UX/UI, offers, discounts, and increase the number of partner restaurants so that customers get everything under one roof.

Things To Consider While Developing a Food Delivery Application

There are various factors that you should be considered while developing a food delivery app: Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Priority Feature- Comfort & Convenience
While ordering food online, what factors matter to you the most? Convenience and comfort are right. So, while developing a food delivery app make sure that you incorporate comprehensive features like seamless navigation, smooth scrolling, easy-to-find order button, easy search option, etc. The ultimate goal should be to add features that attract customers and make their overall ordering experience hassle-free.

2. Analyze the Reaction of Audience Toward Your Business
If you have just launched your food delivery business, make sure to begin at a local level. Testing the outcome of your business on a small level can help you recognize loopholes (if any), understand customer requirements, market trends, and much more. This will help you launch your business at a larger level seamlessly.

3. Technicality Matters
To establish your food delivery app, you need to make sure that the technical aspects are well taken care of. We suggest you outsource a mobile app development company that knows in and out of the best technology stack suitable for developing your app. The technology used in these apps will allow users to easily operate it, access it without any hassle. Hence, providing a great customer experience, which will keep them coming back for you.

Food Deliveries Amid COVID-19 Pandemic- How To Deal With It?

The pandemic has changed the way of conducting business operations and it has also massively impacted the food delivery service. Here’s what you need to know to deal with the current scenario:

Provide healthy food options
A lot of people are turning towards a healthy diet to boost their immunity. You can include healthy meal options in your food apps including vegetable salads, fruits, smoothie bowls, protein breakfast, etc. This will give you an edge and encourage consumers to use your food delivery app over others.

Offer digital payments
Social distancing and other COVID protocols should be followed to fight the pandemic. Therefore, incorporating various online payment methods can be a great alternative to exchanging cash. You can integrate different options like e-wallet, credit and debit card, and other modes for a safe transaction. It also saves you from refund or money exchange issues.

Contactless deliveries and takeaways
Introduce contactless deliveries and takeaways in order to avoid any kind of infection at the delivery personnel or the customer’s end. The delivery person can either keep the package outside the door of the customer or customers can pick the parcel from your counter, avoiding any sort of hand-to-hand contact.

Sanitization should be done without any fail. Make sure your delivery agents are wearing gloves, masks, and using a sanitizer to ensure employee and customer safety. Ensure that the food is cooked in a safe environment and should be properly packed.

Summing Up

This guide will help you understand the importance of the food delivery app in-depth. The current scenario has changed consumer behavior and more people are ordering food for their convenience. Restaurants and food chains can leverage this opportunity to grow their business and even outsource an app development company to build a dedicated delivery app.

If you want to streamline your business and discover new opportunities to deliver a seamless user experience, then you have landed at the right place. At TechnoScore, we provide on-demand food delivery solutions to help you gain higher overall profitability, increase market penetration, and meet end-user expectations for your food business. Our service proposition includes food delivery app development, company performance analysis, discount & promotion management, delivery service management, and separate delivery reports. Our app developer team caters to all aspects of food businesses with multifunctional and completely customizable Website/iOS/Android app development. For more information, get in touch with at +1 646 613 0076, +1 201 603 3633. You can also send your queries at info@technoscore.com


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