September 1, 2014

Agile Methodologies – A New Approach to Mobile Apps Development

Agile Methodologies - A New Approach to Mobile Apps Development!

Agile Methodologies – A New Approach to Mobile Apps Development!

Latest industry insights from Gartner suggest that to extract high ROI on their mobile application development projects, business owners will have to partner a company that adopts the new Agile development methodology for development of cross-device mobile applications or the native ones.

Why Adopt a New Mobile Apps Development Approach?

The traditional practice of sitting down with the end-users to seek their inputs and then develop a mobile application as per their requirements no longer works as users find it challenging and sometimes may not be clear about what they want out of an app. This results in poor user-experience which, ultimately results in average feedback from the users.

Even though the above-mentioned method has worked earlier, it might not work now due to diversity of devices, network connectivity, and their specific considerations. In such a scenario, Agile development practices will help business owners in getting a mobile app with interactive UI and application work flow, ensuring easy navigation and eventually positive feedback from the end-users.

Agile Methodologies – Changing the face of Mobile application development

Besides boosting the interactivity of an application, Agile development practices also reduce the development time. These practices will also make it easy to upgrade mobile applications at frequent intervals.

To keep pace with the frequency of new devices entering the markets and the demand of mobile applications, business owners should now find a mobile application development company that not only uses Agile development practices, but also offers functionality, performance, and load and user-experience testing to ensure optimum performance of the mobile application.

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