Joomla Development Services

Looking to advance your Joomla Website with additional functionalities, new modules or simply want to start with a brand new professional theme? Let TechnoScore help you.

We are experts in Joomla development. We love designing and developing Joomla portals focused on user experience and are always willing to find the best solution for our clients. We have built websites for all kinds of businesses, whether small, medium or large. Have a look at our portfolio and let us create a Joomla web¬site for you today!

Joomla CMS Development & Customization: What We Do?

Technoscore offers a comprehensive array of Joomla Development services. The team of developers and web designers at TechnoScore are capable of promptly providing you with Joomla related services like cms and ecommerce development, Joomla customization and integration services, theme development, template design, extension development, component and plug-in development, maintenance, troubleshooting and support services as per your specific requirements.

Cast a glance at our key Joomla development services:

Joomla Website and Portal Development

If you think you're ready to migrate your website to Joomla, or just want some tweaking, we can help you do it. In case, you need a new site, we can develop a Joomla site from scratch. We can just as well make a custom template for you. You will get a full featured professional website with documentation for ready reference.

Joomla Component Development

If something remains on your wish list pertaining to your Joomla website, we can develop a completely personalized component for you. Please share your Joomla extension requirement with us. We have built a lot of add-ons, for instance, blogs, social plugins, testimonials and comparison charts, site management solutions, etc.

Joomla Customization Services

Why people choose Joomla very often is because it is free and is Open Source. It has numerous add-ons. With our Joomla customization services, TechnoScore offers you bespoke Joomla CMS and its 3rd party components, made-to-order modules and extensions for Joomla website modification. No matter, whether you have a set commercial script to modify or you require the source code update, we are equally proficient at both. We can integrate your Joomla CMS with other PHP and non-PHP platforms as well.

Joomla Support and Maintenance

Get expert support from professionals at reasonable prices. Our maintenance offer is open and flexible. You can either go for a monthly retainer or can order a Joomla installation, component tweaking, system backup monitoring and update, troubleshooting of systems, etc. What’s best? You compensate us only for the ordered services – no additional costs and no-strings attached. This arrangement is profitable for Joomla greenhorns too.

Why TechnoScore for Joomla Web Design & Development?

We pride ourselves on our straightforward, quality-focused approach for Joomla designing and development. We offer our best services and are happy only when you are satisfied with the results.

We also offer fully-tailored maintenance packages for clients who’d like to maintain a professional and regularly updated website without worrying about the technicalities. With our quick-turnaround services, TechnoScore can take over the pressure of your website administration.

Write to us the details of your Joomla development project at, and we will create it for you.

Joomla technologies, in which TechnoScore is well-skilled and knowledgeable, are as below:

  • PHP
  • Apache Webserver
  • Ajax/ jQuery
  • XML/ WebService
  • Joomla Development Plugins

Discuss your project with us. Contact us if you are planning to hire a Joomla developer, programmer or Hire a dedicated CMS offshore team. We are confident of our team that they would be able to assist you with your Joomla CMS development needs.

What is Joomla?

Joomla is a widely popular open source CMS for publishing contents on the internet. Written in PHP, using object oriented programming techniques,it is simple, user friendly, reliable and economical CMS used to meet any demanding business requirements. It has a wide assortment of inbuilt plug-ins, making the development process simpler.

Key Features of Joomla

  • It is an open source CMS, equipped with an inbuilt text editor, which allows easy editing and formatting of the content.
  • It is easy to set up, simple to manage, and a dependable CMS.
  • A database driven CMS, Joomla stores the content, images, templates, and other elements in a centralized database.
  • Furnished with features like page caching, RSS feeds, blogs, opinion polls and website searching, etc.,it is modular and extendible.
  • It is a template driven CMS, where every single module in a website is allied with a separate template.
  • It provides easy-to-use tools to generate and view user statistics reports.
  • It comes armed with a Language Manager and offers support for many international languages and UTF-8 encoding.

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