October 9, 2014

Two New eCommerce Design Strategies that You Can Adopt!

Two New eCommerce Strategies that You Should Adopt !

Two New eCommerce Strategies that You Should Adopt !

Over the past few years, the eCommerce market has seen a tremendous growth and with more and more businesses venturing into the field, existing merchants who have been able to survive the competition need to up their game more than ever. TechnoScore’s eCommerce Web Design experts share a few unconventional moves which can encourage your customers to repeat purchases from you.

Provide “Add to Cart” option through your Store’s Social Media Pages

Allow your Twitter followers and Facebook patrons to add items to their cart by simply replying “#Addtocart” with your store’s name to your product tweets and Facebook wall posts. This would enable the customer to save the time of looking for a product which had caught their attention. This feature would work by linking your customers’ accounts with their social networking accounts, and then proceeding with backend fulfilment.

Follow a minimal design and content-driven approach

Create crisp content explaining about the product instead of marketing content and get the product images placed artistically alongside the content. One example you can follow is that of Net-a-porter’s website which uses its original magazine styling for showcasing the products. Having a video gallery and offering how-to guides can be additional factors to allure visitors and buyers.

At TechnoScore, we are an expert in end-to-end eCommerce store development and look forward to implement innovative ideas for eCommerce businesses of all shapes and sizes. If you would like to get an artistically designed website with intricate integration of third party applications, social media, or any other application, our eCommerce web developers are there to assist you. For a free quote on our eCommerce development services, kindly get in touch with us at info@technoscore.com.


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