February 14, 2018

Turn Your nopCommerce Store Into An Audience-favourite

nopCommerce multi-store

nopCommerce is gradually becoming a significant player in the eCommerce industry due to its highly sought capabilities and technical feasibility. Customization is a seamless process on this agile platform and a crucial reason for online sellers from different verticals to opt for it.

Here are some customization measures that make sure your nopCommerce website is popular among audiences:

Implementing elastic search

To make the product search process useful and lesser time consuming for visitors your website needs a product search engine that reduces the time between visiting the website and check out. It would be a seriously effective way to build a good reputation among visitors and increasing store purchases as well. A fast product search means lesser effort to keep audiences from getting distracted. So it is a feature that must be implemented in order to boost both website performance and user experience.

Product Recommendations

An effective way to win customers is through personalization as it is something online businesses from different verticals ( cloud development, mobile app development and eCommerce etc.) are stressing upon the most since trends have been in favour of adopting a direct and individual approach to marketing. With your nopCommerce store, you can set up product recommendations for your visitors that display products based on their searches and browsing habits. Also studies have suggested that visitors tend to trust agencies more when they know when to approach their audiences.

Using nopCommerce multi-store design

Let us say you are a seller that sells products from a variety of niches, it can be a tad chaotic for a brick and mortar store manage product listings full of diverse products and would need some detailed categorization to assist visitors to find their desired product. There is an extent to which a brick and mortal store can attempt to emulate Amazon or eBay and it isn’t an easy job to do with limited resources. nopCommerce has a thrilling feature for small online stores in form of multi-store design and development. If your e-store has products from different niches, you can distribute your products into multiple stores based on their particular category. It simplifies the process of searching products for customers by a huge magnitude.

Taking the route of reliable communication via email

Whatever phase a buyer enters upon interacting with your online store, use email effectively to acknowledge their initiative. Emails can be useful to guide customers back to your website after they have abandoned shopping carts or left in the middle of a product search. Proper use of this channel can help in trust building and effective re-targeting your buyers.

Get to know!

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