December 27, 2017

The Progressive Web App Development Era

According to a report by Adobe, app installations have dwindled by 40 per cent since December 2014. With this, the app boom scenario has come to an end. However, the benefits of a native app including retention, etc., cannot be overlooked. In such a scenario, what are the possible choices for a business to shoot its customer engagement and sales figures?

Progressive web app Development is the answer! Could it be better if you can have the features of an app in a website that can be on the home screen of your users? PWA Development Services can help you in developing an app that ranks better in search-engines (as it is indexed like a mobile website). Not only this, a consistent user- experience across devices fuels your brand identity and recognition.

Why do you need it?

Since the potential of progressive apps has not been adequately tapped, being one of the few organizations who boast of such an asset would be noteworthy. With the help of PWA Development Services, you can reap these benefits:

  • Easy Installation-The process involved in downloading a native app requires extra effort on the part of potential audience- going to the App Store to download it. However, in case of Progressive Apps, there is no need to visit app stores. They can be added to user’s home screen even without leaving the browser. By enhancing the ease of installing for users, the number of installations can witness a significant boost.
  • Offline Functioning- Since these apps use caching- automatically saving the information during the last online access, they operate effortlessly in areas where the Internet connection is weak. Not only this, they work well even in offline mode.
  • Enhanced Engagement- The opportunity of being on the home screen of users give PWAs, an edge over responsive websites. Push- notifications help in creating engagement and retention. Re-engagement, a major source of boosting sales also becomes quite easy with these apps.
  • Uniform Coding- Since the code used for developing is same irrespective of platforms like Android and iOs, progressive web app development is less complex. It is easier for an organization to manage a standard code instead of managing multiple codes.
  • Easier to Market- Since these apps can be shared using a simple URL, it is easier to market them using social media and other marketing channels.
  • Less Storage space- The fight for winning a place on the mobile phone of users having limited storage space is not easy. The storage space required by these apps is 25 times less than that needed by native apps. When users do not face irritating “low memory notifications”, your app can blow fresh air thereby increasing installations.
    With an increased functionality and improved user-experience, these apps aid in growing your business.

Will it cost a fortune?

Progressive apps are easy on your pocket in comparison to native apps that are much more resource-intensive. Since there is no need of maintaining separate codes for Android and iOS, the cost of development and maintenance is significantly less.

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