February 24, 2018

Speed Up your Magento Store and Steer Ahead of Competition

Magento Store Development

Magento is a popular eCommerce alternative for online retailers with sufficient provision to work continuously, keeping transactions flowing. Apart from a Magento store’s capabilities, the speed at which it loads, carries out internal product searches and check out are absolutely critical. In an era full of competitive fast loading websites, having a sedate website can cause you to lose your competitive edge. eCommerce is all about continuity and growth and running a store unable to keep up with standard speeds is a cause for concern and requires an immediate fix.

More speed means better customer reach

The internet is accessed by countless users globally through different devices, many of those users don’t have the luxury of high speed connections. A slow loading Magento store would consequently isolate a significant segment of your audience causing a good prospect for targeting to be excluded from your sales funnel because of speed deficit. A swift and smooth web store on the other hand can be easily browsed and navigated by audience with high speed and low speed connections alike. Additionally, Magento web development services in the industry are increasing the focus on improving site speed, since it is a vital key to survival in a competitive marketplace.

Here are some surefire ways to speed up your Magento store:

  • Running the latest version: Using a version in which bugs and other issues are sorted is always better. The latest Magento store version boasts of considerable improvements over its previous versions to make online selling easier and faster. The check out process that would previously take six steps is now an instant phenomenon just a click away.
  • Doing away with unnecessary extensions: After a close technical assessment, one can find out extensions that are not of much importance and shedding them away can help a store load faster. Also before setting up a store, one should make sure that the Magento store development process leaves out unnecessary extensions as they can slow down your website’s loading speed.
  • Utilizing the power of cache management: If your Magento store cache is managed properly you can noticeably increase your website speed. There are various caching options on offer to optimize your store performance. Caching has changed remarkably with Magento 2 and has become a more potent way to speed up your online store with lesser resource usage. With aid of Magento web development services you can identify the best suited caching mechanism to be implemented.
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