July 26, 2014

Proprietary vs Open Source Software

Open Source vs Proprietary Software!

Open Source vs Proprietary Software!

There is no room for a ‘one size fits all’ strategy in this highly-competitive eCommerce environment. Therefore, as a start-up business owner, you will have to find a tool which makes updating, managing, and tracking the growth of your online store, easy for you, and which offers stability, security, and expandability. But the main question is should you opt for a proprietary eCommerce tool or go for open source eCommerce development?

Open Source v/s Paid: Which is a Better Choice?

So, should you go for an open source software or a proprietary one? Ask developers and they will probably explain that they have favorites from both the realms. The term, Open Source, refers to software whose source code is freely available over the internet and can be accessed easily. In contrast, the source code for proprietary software is a closely guarded secret.

For almost any Open Source software, there is an online community that answers questions, offers advice, and fixes bugs, as and when required. But when you opt for a paid software from a trusted vendor, you receive personalized support and optimum security in terms of update and bug-fixes.

There’s a Third Choice Too – Custom-made Solution

One can also go for a custom-made tool that is built from scratch to suit your unique requirements. While this is a time-consuming option, it allows you to work within your budget. Every aspect of your business is considered while the tool is designed to enable complete customization and control over the store.

A quick glance at the leading Open Source and Proprietary eCommerce store development tools:

  • Magento– Magento, the eBay owned eCommerce tool, is a market leading platform that offers a rich gamut of features and powers high-profile websites like Ford, Paul Smith, North Face, Olympus, and many others. It comes in two editions- Community (Open Source) and Enterprise (Premium). It is a highly flexible and scalable platform.
  • Volusion- Volusion is one of the most preferred eCommerce platforms that offer great support and a range of add-ons. It comes with features such as catalog management, SEO tools, marketing, and payment processing.
  • Shopify– Shopify is the most popular proprietary shopping cart development tool that comes with a number of themes and extensions. It is easy-to-use and capacitates the store owners to run their store efficiently.
  • Bigcommerce– Bigcommerce is a fully hosted eCommerce solution that comes with a number of tools that allows one to sell physical and digital products. It is highly customizable and offers a high level of flexibility.
  • osCommerce– osCommerce is one of the most popular open source shopping carts. It is considered as the easiest platform to work on and has built an impressive customer base of 260,000+ online storefronts.
  • OpenCart– OpenCart is an Open Source eCommerce solution. It is highly scalable, flexible and offers numerous features like catalog management, SEO, multi-language and currency option, etc.
  • TomatoCart– TomatoCart is a powerful and flexible open source shopping cart solution. It comes with features like Web Analytics, built-in CMS, built-in email system, site management, order management, product management, shipping, promotion tools and much more.
  • PrestaShop– PrestaShop is a feature-rich open source shopping cart solution. It is fully customizable and offers features like catalog management, multiple payment gateways, analytics and reporting, site management, SEO, marketing tools, etc.
  • eCart– eCart is an open source shopping cart and eCommerce solution that allows one to build a powerful and SEO-friendly online store. The AJAX powered backend admin panel of eCart empowers store owners to manage multiple stores from one single admin panel.


eCommerce industry is growing rapidly with global B2C online sales crossing the $1,250 billion mark in the year 2013. The need is to opt for a reliable, secure, scalable and flexible eCommerce shopping cart solution that is power packed with features and offers ease of use for store owners and customers alike.

The decision on which eCommerce solution is better for your website- Open Source, proprietary or custom-built, would depend on several factors like type of business, target audience, potential marketing strategy, budget and future growth plans. Regardless of all of it, we, at TechnoScore, can help you develop your website on all of it. Share your requirements with us at info@technoscore.com and our experts will suggest you the best platform as per your business needs.


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