January 31, 2015

Magento Further Consolidates its Cloud-Based eCommerce Ecosystem


Magento is expanding its cloud-hosting solution options for brands and retailers, as two new partners, Joyent and Microsoft Azure, have joined its Magento Hosting Partner ecosystem. Cloud hosting solutions are almost a necessity for most brands and retailers looking to improve customer experience in 2015 and beyond. In today’s dynamic business environment, cloud solutions can benefit the merchants in more ways than one. Using cloud based platforms enable them to save time on new deployments, lower capital expenditure, expand capacity during peak times, expand customer base, and reach out global markets.

Presently, thousands of Magento stores are leveraging cloud-hosting solutions to make their business operations easier, more organized and less time consuming. For instance, cloud hosting solution from Rackspace, an existing Magento Platinum Hosting Partner, allows a merchant to get extra bandwidth to manage increased customer traffic during peak seasons. Cloud hosting solutions together with Magento also make it to easier to enhance customer engagement.

Magento’s existing partners, such as, Rackspace and Peer1, already offer secure, scalable, and economical infrastructure to retailers worldwide, claims president of eBay Enterprise, Craig Hayman. Now that the Magento Hosting Partner program has expanded to include Joyent and Microsoft Azure, customers have more cloud- based hosting solution options to choose from. More importantly, all the solutions can be tailored to the exact requirements of the customers.

How TechnoScore Can Help You

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