April 5, 2018

Magento-Amazon Integration: The Evolution of New Aspect of eCommerce

Magento eCommerce development

Powering more than 28per cent eCommerce websites, the development platform is taking the online selling ecosystem by waves. Owning to its customization, user-friendliness and a host of other advanced features, it is the first choice for online sellers and developers.

Recently, Magento has made a smart move in re-defining multi-channel shopping experience. The eCommerce development platform announced a diversification of its sales channel’s functionalities that would help in bringing the ball in the merchant’s court. It would enable merchants to manage their products on Amazon using Magento itself.

What does the new integration mean for you as a merchant?

The new roll-out would carry a great deal of benefits for merchants especially in product distribution and matters closely associated with pricing.

It is aimed at propelling your sales figures by providing a two-folded support-

  • Enhancing the visibility of your products
  • Keeping your prices in line with competitors

As merchants, you’ll get empowered with strong tools that would enable you to get an in-depth insight into your competitors’ activities, assist you in terms of fixing price for your products, and have better product visibility and distribution.

With Amazon being a major target for a large number of online sellers, these features will help sellers enhance their sales revenues without undergoing the hassle of managing products on Magento and the eCommerce marketplace separately.

Other noteworthy Magento developments (closely related to Amazon)

  • Magento teamed up with Amazon Pay back in 2017 to empower customers to make payment using the saved credentials in their Amazon account. Amazon Pay got a warm reception and soon became a favourite payment option among buyers.
  • The ‘Instant Checkout’ module was another step in the direction of enhancing user-experience by reducing the order placement time to less than half. When clicked on the option of making an ‘instant purchase’, the saved preferences pertaining to billing address, default shipping and payment method get selected thereby eliminating the tiresome task of filling several details every time you make a purchase. The module was a result of end of Amazon’s monopoly (patent) over instant checkout.

Will the integration prove constructive for your online business?

The integration would help multi-channel retailers to use Amazon in their omni-channel strategy. Whether you are a big company or a moderately scaled one currently using Magento eCommerce, you would benefit in terms of ease of operations and cost-effectiveness.

You can take the help of a Magento eCommerce development experts to help you reap the benefits of multi-channel marketing.

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