November 23, 2018

Hybrid Apps – Why It Is a Cost-Effective And Time-Effective Choice

Hybrid app development services

“By 2020, mobile apps are forecast to generate around 189 billion U.S. dollars in revenues via app stores and in-app advertising.”

– a report by Statista

The business scenario has changed a lot. Today, the focus is more on customers and meeting their needs rather than simply projecting your products or services. Although websites still play an important part in the success of a business, mobile apps are rapidly becoming the next big thing that defines the progress of a business. Sensing the trend and the increasing need, business owners are now actively looking to get a mobile app for their business. The reason is simple, to tap into the highly lucrative smartphone users market.

However, when a business owner plans to get a mobile app for their business, they often find themselves at the crossroads, wondering, how much would it cost? How much time it will take? Whether to go for Android App, iOS App or both? The answer to all these is Hybrid Apps. Unlike Native apps, Hybrid app is quicker to develop and a cost-saving option. So let’s get better insights into hybrid mobile app development and the impending benefits.

Hybrid mobile applications – an overview

Native apps are basically designed to run on a particular mobile operating system, such as Android, iOS or Windows. Hybrid apps on the contrary, are a series of web pages, adapted to deliver a great UI/UX even on smaller screens and are created using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The very fact that your existing website’s pages are being converted into App screens, feels like a strong enough reason to choose Hybrid app development services. These apps don’t necessarily require you to build new pages for your apps, making it not only a time-saving but also a cost-saving option. However, this isn’t all of it. Here are a few more reasons that had led to the increasing popularity of hybrid mobile apps among both the merchants as well as hybrid app developers.

Works flawlessly across multiple platforms

One of the most appealing aspects of hybrid apps is its ability to perform flawlessly across various mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows, as opposed to Native Apps that require dedicated versions to serve the needs of the respective users. However, performance is something that every prospective app owner is concerned about. They might be under the impression that Native Apps, which are built to run on a specific platform would offer great user-experience and perform at par. While a Hybrid app, designed to run on multiple platforms may not be able to provide the same level of performance and lack user-engagement.

The reality is, a Hybrid app built with strong codes and integrated with a lot of multimedia and rich graphics would obviously deliver an exceptional performance. With such an app, even the users will be unable to differentiate, whether they are running a native app meant for their specific mobile platform or a hybrid app for multiple platforms. In short, a hybrid app if developed exceptionally well, will offer a native-like user experience without fail.

Leverage the existing skills of the developers

When it comes to converting your present web pages into a Hybrid mobile app, a developer doesn’t necessarily have to learn new skills. Any developer with sound knowledge in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can create a multi-platform mobile app for any business. Unlike developing apps for iOS or Android that requires a developer to learn complex languages, hybrid apps eliminate the need to spend a lot of time learning new skills, thereby, making the development a time-effective affair.

Besides this, for Native apps, any future update would require you to update the multiple apps, a hassle that isn’t there with the Hybrid apps. As a single app is build to serve the needs of various users across different mobile platforms and developers can utilize their existing skills without any compulsion to learn new skills, Hybrid apps are quickly gaining popularity among both business owners and mobile app developers.

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