January 10, 2018

Empower Your Customers to Checkout Instantly with Magento Website Development

In order to expand their customer base, enhancing buying-experience is a prime concern for eCommerce platforms. Amazon’s patent of ‘one-click checkout’ worked tremendously in enhancing the ease of making purchase. It contributed towards increasing the popularity of the platform. With Amazon bidding farewell to it’s patent, Magento has been fast in utilizing this opportunity of amplifying user-experience with INSTANT CHECKOUT.

Among top features like scalability, customization, now there is another strong reason for you to opt for Magento Website Development– the Instant Purchase Checkout module. It would aid your customers in completing their purchase within seconds reducing their order placement time to less than half. For this, it would make use of stored details like default shipping, preferred payment method and billing address when the buyer opts for making an instant purchase.

Your customers do not have to worry much in case they change their preferences as the data gets easily updated. For instance, if they do not want to pay using card, they can switch to the ‘Cash on Delivery’ option for all future purposes. The ease of use would help in enhancing user-experience thereby boosting your sales figures.

How does Instant Purchase work?

It would appear in the form of a button on product pages. When it is clicked on, it would bridge the long path between ‘Product page’ and ‘Order Confirmation’ page. A notification regarding the placement of your order would appear on the same page. There would be no need of going through vexing ‘Cart’, ‘Checkout’ and ‘Thank You’ pages.

All that your customer would need to do is to login and save the credentials once (while purchasing). It would automatically get saved for subsequent purchases. The process makes use of Braintree Vault- Braintree CC, Braintree PayPal and PayPal Payflow Pro for storing payment information.

You can easily modify the Instant Purchase button to deliver a custom experience as per your business needs. It can be incorporated at the time of Magento eCommerce development. Since most buyers use mobile for buying, it would be become easy for them as it would cut the clutter.

With the Instant Purchase, the ‘Buy Now’ button literally does what it says!

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