November 15, 2017

Creating a Sustainable Bond with Holiday Shoppers

The holiday season is a huge opportunity for any eCommerce store to boost its ROI and meet conversion goals. Customers are constantly searching and buying gifts during this time of the year and making big leaps with your eCommerce store in this period can give your business much needed impetus to carry on for the new year. Regardless of whether your store has been doing well for the rest of the year or not, this particular time of the year is crucial as every online seller would want to end the year on a high. But it is of critical value to win the trust of holiday shoppers so that they return again. To take advantage of the healthy holiday season shopper influx, one needs to follow a palpable scheme.

Here is your guide to make a long lasting bond with holiday shoppers:

Make a good first impression

Since holiday shopping is a significant source of getting new customers, it is imperative to make a good first impression. The idea is to create a lasting relationship with your customer, which means thinking beyond just selling a product. Make your holiday marketing campaign a smart one by creating attractive offers and focus on each day as a new opportunity rather than the whole collective season. With short term focus on each day, you can turn your long term holiday shopping goals into a reality. Be in touch with your eCommerce development services firm to create a holiday-like visual experience for the customers with your online store design.

Behavioral insights are your best friend

With the help of your business analytic reports you can figure out various shopping behaviours within your holiday visitors. You can categorize your holiday shoppers as per insights and accordingly create a strategy to turn them to regular buyers. You can ideally try to make them return again during the holiday season with your marketing strategy. Keep your bag of offers open, giving the customers a chance to visit again.

Stay well rounded with the finer details

A detailed approach must be adopted with your marketing strategy in order to maximize your holiday season returns. Use your user data to find out the ideal time to send emails to your potential returning customers. The more attention you pay towards making your user engagement effective, the better your chances are to see returning holiday shoppers.


Create an effective re-targeting strategy that takes into account the holiday season dynamics and is well suited to be used on a daily basis. Try to exploit the most from the mobile platform, with the use of push notifications and bulk messages to keep your audience updated with holiday offers and perks. However, make certain that your re-engagement tactics are not intrusive or menacing for your visitors. Choose a suitable frequency to target your audience, based on your user insights.

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