May 22, 2018

5 Ways to Speed up the Performance of Your Hybrid App

Hybrid app development company

With the maturing of hybrid apps, they are becoming all the more equipped to give native apps a run for time and cost effectiveness. According to a survey by Ionic, hybrid apps’ share in the overall app development is increasing. In the next 2 years, nearly 32.7 per cent developers are expected to abandon native app development in favour of hybrid apps.

However, in order to facilitate that a single UI works effortlessly on an array of devices, there has to be just the right interplay between graphics and performance. It has often been seen that for ensuring a high-ended performance, developers compromise with advanced functionality in your app.

We have listed below five ways in which hybrid app development services can improve your app’s performance

1. Make use of Compressed Coding

If you want to make sure that your app operates in the intended way in the blink of the eye, ensuring that your coding is light and compact should be your primary focus. You can get your files minified with the help of a hybrid app development services’ company.

2. Limit the Required Network Access

In order to make principal data readily available, you can save both static and native data locally so as to significantly reduce the number of network requests and load pages with the help of cache within a fraction of seconds.

3. Use External Libraries Smartly

In the wake of simplifying repetitive tasks, you might be paving way for a lag in your app’s operation by overcrowding heavy libraries. Making the most out of the resources and libraries offered in your hybrid framework should be your top concern.

4. Cut down Inline Styling

In case you make inline styling changes, you might come across problems when you need to make changes in the future. Creating a new CSS class is a better option as it automatically reflects the changes everywhere.

5. Make User Interface Your Backbone

Alluring animations are a big NO if they are on the cost of your app’s speed and overall performance. An app created using minimalistic elements is much more preferable than a beautiful app that takes a too long to perform basic functions.

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