May 11, 2018

5 Tips to Enhance the Security of Your Drupal Powered Website

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With the increase in the number of websites, the hacking targets are undergoing a parallel increase. Drupal has also faced a few such attacks lately and emerged strong due to consistent updates and security fixes.

Safeguarding your website all by yourself can be a really complex task. A Drupal development company can help you ensure the smooth functioning of your website and protect it against unauthorized use.

We have listed below a few tips to help you create a secure site:

1. Choose safe hosting

At times, organizations tend to ignore the importance of choosing a safe hosting provider resulting in frequent problems with the website. Opting for a provider with SSH, firewall provisions is the first step towards safeguarding your site against malicious attacks.

2. Stay ‘updated’

In order to safeguard your site against vulnerabilities, it is important to keep it updated. If your site is not updated to the latest version, it becomes highly prone to loopholes that come right before hacker’s eyes with each update.

Pro tips:

  • While choosing a theme, make a choice from the most recently updated themes
  • You can hide the Drupal version and modules you are using by removing CHANGELOG.txt file that accompanies installation.

You can hire a Drupal developer to help you choose a suitable theme and hide modules.

3. Make CAPTCHA your companion

Using Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart (CAPTCHA) is extremely helpful in identifying bots and blocking form submissions, etc., that may mislead you a great deal. A drupal development company can help you implement CAPTCHA.

4. Password change policy

Users often set password combinations comprising their name, birthday and common words. This considerably reduces the hurdles of hackers to get unauthorized access to your account and try to change your password. Password Policy helps to keep a check on this. You can hire Drupal developers to define a number of constraints that need to be satisfied before a password change can be made.

5. Secure login

Any carelessness at this step can cost you a great deal. In order to ensure the safety of your site, it is important to keep a close watch on failed login attempts. As a safety measure, you can set a limit to the number of login attempts and ban certain IP addresses for some time or permanently with the help of. Also, it sends an email notification in case of a large number of failed attempts or other such suspicious activities like guessing account information.

Rely on backups as lender of last resort

All these tips would considerably immunize your website against potential security threats from hackers, however, it is always better to stay prepared to meet the most unpleasing situation. Regularly backing up your site especially when you make major changes or implementations is highly recommended by experts.

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