February 6, 2015

3 Simple Things to Do to Improve Sales on Your Magento Store

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If you are not happy with the performance of your Magento store, you should ideally seek professional help. Every Magento store is unique, and only experts can provide you a solution tailored to your store’s specific requirement. However, before you hire Magento developer, you can check your Magento store for some common issues. Read on to know how to fix those common issues.

Set redirects to improve site search

Visit the Catalog, and go to Search Terms. You will find a grid where all terms used in your internal site search can be viewed and edited. You can edit any search term to set synonyms of that search term. This would help you fix spelling mistake issues in searches for some of your services, categories, and items.

You can also ask Magento to return any URL of your choice by setting redirects. This helps you redirect some related queries to an appropriate category. For instance, all sale related queries can be redirected to the ‘Sale’ category, while some non-product queries can be redirected to the most relevant pages in your eCommerce store.

Explain how to get coupon codes to reduce the number of exists from the cart page

One common issue that many Magento stores face is that users often exist from the store’s “Cart” page. When visitors come to the cart, they are prompted to apply for a Coupon Code. Many visitors mistakenly think that there must be a coupon code to get discounts instantly. Due to this misconception, they may leave your eCommerce store to Google.

The best solution to this problem would be to display a dialog box for explanation. When visitors would click on that dialog box, they would get an explanation on how they can get a coupon code instantly. In the explanation, clearly state the ways to get the coupon code. For instance, you can explain that the coupon codes are available only for users who would subscribe to your newsletter. This would help you reduce the number of visitors exiting your store from the cart.

Add notifications to fix issues in your mini cart

The default theme of some Magento stores has some issues with the mini cart. Users often get stuck in the mini cart and cannot move further to the checkout box.

If the product that the user is trying order goes out of stock, the Checkout button may disappear, while the user can still see the product available in the mini cart. As the users do not get any notification, they may wonder why they cannot proceed to the Checkout button.

Although the full cart page gives a notification by saying that the product is out of stock, it leaves the user uninformed about how to get the checkout button back. In order to fix this issue, you should add instructions, asking the visitors to remove the item from the cart, so as to get the checkout button back.

These are simple things that you can do to improve user experience on your Magento store, thereby increasing conversions.

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