October 4, 2018

3 Little-known Benefits of Hybrid Mobile App Development

hybrid mobile app development

In the 21st Century, smartphones are leading the digital revolution. According to a report of statista, the United States is one the largest smartphone markets across the world with an upsurging smartphone penetration rate. In 2017, 68.4% population of the US was using smartphone. This is a significant rise as compared to the 2012 figure, when the country’s smartphone penetration rate stood around 40%.

Don’t you think it is the right time for startups and medium scale enterprises to leverage this opportunity and expand their business reach by developing an interactive mobile application for their business? If you are still unsure about using a mobile application for business, this informative post is for you.

With the rapid advancement in the mobile app development industry, businesses both large and small are leveraging the potential of a mobile application. When it comes to mobile application development, you can either choose a native mobile application, a web-based mobile application or a hybrid mobile application. Out of all these options, hybrid mobile app is a popular choice among small and medium-sized businesses. That’s because hybrid mobile apps are easier to manage and can serve same user experience across multiple devices. Listed below are some popular benefits associated with hybrid mobile app development.

1. Improved User Experience

Believe it or not, mobile users have become smart these days. If you want to please the mobile users, you have to deliver an outstanding experience and for that, you have to consider hybrid mobile app development. You might have seen that when you open a specific website on two different browsers, you can easily figure out significant changes. This is also applicable for mobile applications. However, you can overcome this issue by considering hybrid mobile app development and offer your audience a consistent UI across all the browsers and devices.

2. Speed

People tend to use a mobile application to access information on the go. However, if a mobile application takes long time to respond, users will get annoyed and would not feel like using it. This is where a hybrid mobile application scores over a native mobile app. It is no more surprising that hybrid applications are way faster than a native application or a mobile web app. Hybrid mobile apps work with a lightning speed unless it needs to load heavy graphics. The best part of a hybrid mobile app is that it doesn’t even require network communication, which is one of the common reasons behind the slow performance of an app.

3. Cost-effective

When you invest in hybrid app development, you will get a robust, and scalable application that works seamlessly across multiple platforms. This is done with the help of a common code, which will work on all the devices and platforms (iOS, Android, Windows). This approach saves a significant amount of time, efforts, and money for SMEs that want to save big and gain more revenue. Furthermore, Hybrid mobile app developers can reduce ‘time to market’ by leveraging a set of libraries and development frameworks like PhoneGap and Xamarin and speed up the development process.

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