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Multimedia Training (WBT Solutions /CBT Solutions)

CBT Solutions (Computer Based Training Development) and WBT Solutions (Web Based Training Development) by TechnoScore help you create a virtual classroom like learning atmosphere which is interactive, meticulous and can be easily recreated. It matches the learners’ individual grasping power and advances at their own pace. With apt synchronization between visuals and the learning content, along with an appealing and communicative interface, lends greater depth to the eLearning process.

omputer based training development

Our approach in developing eLearning Multimedia Training content (CBT/ WBT) right from planning, design and development, and implementation

What It Takes To Develop Quality Multimedia Training Services (WBT Solutions /CBT Solutions)?

We at TechnoScore have one of the most proficient team of developers, designers and programmers who work in tandem with professionals adept in instructional design to conceptualize, design and develop high end web based training development and computer based training development solutions. Among other factors that we consider during the process of developing virtual training, WBT solutions and CBT solutions, some of the most important factors are mentioned below:

Benefits of Quality eLearning Instructional Design Services:

  • We ensure that our Multimedia Training Solutions offers quality learning experience for diverse learners
  • We focus on the level of targeted learners and develop products accordingly
  • We ensure that our WBT Solutions and CBT Solutions are compatible with various devices and platforms
  • Focus on computer based training development and web based training development as per internationally accepted guidelines and regulations
  • Multimedia Training Solutions developed by us focuses on knowledge gain and maximum retention by learners
  • Use of constructivist principles of Digital Learning, and Virtual Training and instructional design, ensuring better ability to reproduce learnt content and enhanced work performance from the target learners

TechnoScore as Preferred Digital Learning & Virtual Training Service Provider

Multimedia Training (WBT Solutions /CBT Solutions) that we offer are targeted to fulfill the specific Digital Learning & Virtual Training requirements. Here are some of the reasons that make us a preferred Virtual Training Service provider to numerous clients the world over:

Benefits of Quality eLearning Instructional Design Services:

  • We have dedicated team of professionals involved in computer based training development and web based training development
  • We deliver multimedia training solutions and virtual training solutions in least possible turnaround time
  • Highly intuitive and interactive scenario based training solutions for effective Digital Learning, developed using 3D technology for higher retentively
  • We help our clients move beyond pedagogical difference of web based learning and face to face interactive learning
  • High end, cost effective Multimedia Training Services (WBT Solutions /CBT Solutions)

How Our WBT Solutions – CBT Solutions and Multimedia Training Services Benefit You?

Multimedia based training, web based training and computer based training solutions that we offer have been liked and acclaimed by clients throughout the world. The solutions that we offer resolve key issues related to eLearning and digital training related requirements. Some of the important benefits that you enjoy with our services are as follows.

  • Enhanced reach to learners, even when they are on the go
  • Spearheading your reach to learners who use different devices and separated by various other constrains
  • Better assessment of learners along with accessibility to quality eLearning content
  • Cost reduction related to both development of quality training solutions and cost incurred on training and learning of target learners
  • Enhances proficiency of the target learners
  • Ideally suited for improving skills of your corporate and in-house employees

Latest methods of passing on instructions that utilizes high end technological developments are considered better in comparison to the traditional methods. Use of multimedia to provide effective WBT (web based training) and CBT (computer based training) has ushered Multimedia / WBT / CBT services as one of the most sought after training and eLearning Solutions. At TechnoScore, our expertise in the digital learning virtual training segment coupled with years of experience, makes it possible for us to develop quality multimedia solutions based on varied requirements of our clients.

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Offer More To Your Target Learners With Our Multimedia Training (WBT Solutions /CBT Solutions):

Contact us on 91-9910049298 or email your requirements to us at info@technoscore.comto know what all you can gain with our computer based training development; Web based training development and Multimedia Training Services. You can also reach us through our “Request a Quote”form and our Multimedia WBT CBT designers and developers will get back to you with the best set of Multimedia Training Solutions for your specific requirements.