Progressive Web Apps: The Future of App Development

Ever wondered how to radically improve your user experience and mobile presence? Well, progressive app development is the ideal solution to seek.

With this brand new technology you can deliver native app-like rich experience to users. It is in fact, a new way to engage with customers and amplify the online presence. Essentially, PWAs are not native mobile apps but websites that use enhanced web capabilities to behave like traditional applications.

progressive web app development services

Features of progressive web apps

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Works Offline

Providing rich offline experience is the key aspect of PWAs. They can work offline and re-engage users in a much deeper way without affecting performance. Unlike websites that needs an active internet connection, a progressive app utilizes browser caching technology to eliminate the dependence on a network. You can actually control the cache and choose how to respond to resource requests to maintain a reliable user experience.

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These apps respond quickly and load content faster which helps in reducing the user bounce rate. Not only that, they function smoothly even on slow internet connections, making it a useful option in low connectivity conditions.

PWA Development Services

Push notifications, periodic background sync and rich offline experience are some of the significant features that were not possible with traditional mobile responsive sites so now with push notifications you can remain connected with your potential customers all the time and have your web app updated in the background.

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Easy To Install

These apps don't need to be installed through app stores. Chrome, through web app install banners, prompts users to add them to their home screen even without leaving the browser. They can be housed on any mobile device like an app so they are accessible with a single tap on the icon. In fact, they allow users to take charge and control of onscreen appearance, URL loading order and the default orientation for the application.

progressive web app development services
Lower Development Cost

Progressive web application development services demand lesser investment and can have your final app set-up quickly in comparison to native apps which require a lot more money and resources to be developed. They also significantly reduce the cost of app maintenance, making it easy on the pocket to hire a progressive web app development company.

progressive web application development company
Improved Conversions & Engagement

Since PWAs behave like native apps and have no requirement of installation from any app stores, it results in an enhanced web experience, leading to increased conversion rates, also with help of push notifications, re-engaging users becomes simpler. PWA development services can help a non-app user to make easy transition to apps.

With so many advantages, progressive app development is here to stay to radically enhance the capabilities of your website.

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