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Miva Merchant Development Services

Miva Merchant Development Services

TechnoScore delivers complex turnkey Miva Merchant development services. We have been working on developing custom Miva Merchant eCommerce Stores for a couple of years now, and offer a broad range of design, development and customization solutions. We can personalize, custom-built and incorporate just about any functionality to your Miva Merchant Storefront, you can think of. We invite you to contact us to discuss your development needs.

Custom Miva Merchant Design & Development by TechnoScore

Whether you need some help installing Miva Merchant, or enabling complex Miva Merchant features, experts at TechnoScore can support you with it. We can develop personalized extensions consistent with your need. We can integrate your Miva Merchant cart with your current ERP or CRM system.

Miva Store Front development solutions delivered by our team of professionals:

  • Design and develop Miva Merchant-based websites from scratch
  • Develop custom modules and extensions
  • Modify Miva Merchant extensions in sync with client’s needs
  • Bespoke functionality development
  • Migrate your existing website from any other platform to Miva Merchant
  • Install and upgrade the latest version on your website
  • Migrate existing database
  • Prepare design for your store
  • Merchant Accounts / Payment Gateway Integration (e.g. 2Checkout, DIBS etc.)
  • Miva Merchant mobile commerce development and integration to offer complete mobile shopping experience to your customers and optimized mobile checkout
  • Miva Merchant social commerce design and integration

And much more... To receive a quote for your project, please email us at info@technoscore.com or click here.

Why TechnoScore for Miva Merchant Development?

TechnoScore is a client-centric organization that prides itself on delivering the highest quality Miva Merchant services and support. Besides the core design, development, and integration for Miva Merchant, we specialize in Miva Merchant extension development, maintenance, version upgrades, performance tuning and optimization, and custom Miva Merchant development.

Our Miva Merchant services are diverse and comprise systematic study of your specific requirements and business processes. Based on your specifications, we come up with a custom store solution that would just do the trick for you!

We can customize your Miva Merchant store for you to embody your brand identity, logo and colors, and if needed integrate additional functionality into your cart.

About Miva Merchant

A complete and robust eCommerce solution, Miva Merchant offers everything you need to conduct business online without transaction fees, including setting up a professional SEO friendly online store with immense design flexibility and custom development, secure checkout and several other features. It consists of Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) validated eCommerce software, and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant eCommerce hosting.

An all-inclusive eCommerce solution, key features of Miva Merchant include:

  • Easy shopping cart management
  • Customer accounts management
  • Scalable platform that grows with your business
  • Product merchandising
  • Real-time shipping rates
  • Sales tax calculation
  • Enterprise security
  • Conforms to the latest PCI security standards
  • Order management
  • In-house support
  • Internet marketing ready
  • Quickly update your products
  • Seamless data import & export
  • 3rd party integrations
  • B2B & B2C channels

Get in Touch!

In addition to our existing services, we are ready to discuss any other Miva Merchant development and modification that might be necessary for your website. If you are interested, please contact us at info@technoscore.com mentioning your project requirements. Our sales team will quickly review your request and get in touch with you for further discussion and assistance.