Get acquainted with MEAN Stack Web Development

It is a Javascript based open source full stack development platform used to build dynamic websites and apps. MEAN is an acronym for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS. MEAN applications are written in only Javascript for the entirety of the development phases. It is one of the latest benchmarks for rapid full stack development, Being used increasingly by developers as a replacement for LAMP stack. It brings a number of eagerly sought features to the web development process like speedy data delivery and flexible deployment. Boosted by an increasing community of developers and users, the MEAN stack application development largely represents the face of new web development technologies.

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Anatomy: 4 Components of MEAN Stack

  • The database (MongoDB)

    It is based on the noSQL concept, where in the data is stored in (key,value) pairs. It can be used to store unstructured data. It can also store multiple dimensions in a single collection.

  • The web framework (ExpressJS)

    It is a NodeJS framework for web app development used to build API’s and web apps.

  • The frontend technology (AngularJS)

    It is a structural framework used for creating dynamic applications and client-side scripting.

  • The back-end technology (NodeJS)

    It is a runtime environment used to create real-time network applications and server-side scripting.

Features of Mean Stack Application

  • Javascript everywhere

    The most prominent highlight of MEAN stack development is its total conformity to Javascript throughout the development journey. It is a unique platform that enables a developer to write both front-end and back-end code in Javascript . The noSql based MongoDB shows high affinity to the recurring Javascript based workflow.

  • Open source

    The platform is a combination of four open-source technologies. When used in combination, all these technologies create a full fledged web development package. Every single one of these technologies are fully functional and constantly in progress for improvements and customization.

  • Vast resource library

    The development community has access to countless resources and libraries to innovate and build new functionalities and features.

Why MEAN Stack Web Development Company

With its popularity and quick-fire development scope is already being touted as the future of web development. The amount of flexibilty and scalability on offer is significantly higher than other contemporary technologies and software bundles. It blends in perfectly with the growing needs in the sphere of web development. The process of web and application development is lesser complex and broader in application with the use of MEAN stack.

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