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eLearning Courseware Development

TechnoScore is one of the leading e-learning solution providers in India. Our eLearning solutions help make learning interesting, interactive and fun! They have the right blend of content (instruction) and cutting-edge technologies that offer you the best benefits. Be it a Computer Based Training (CBT), Web Based Training (WBT) or Learning Management System (LMS) our eLearning solutions are tailor made to meet your specific training requirements. These courses could be either instructor-led or on CD-ROM or Internet or a mix of different modes of training.

Our eLearning Solutions for Organizations

Human capital is the greatest resource an organization can leverage to achieve competitive advantage; Our eLearning solutions for organization provide the most efficient means for equipping staff with the knowledge to extend their working potential.

These are designed for organizations that operate from multiple offices and require a training solution that connects people at all locations and provides standardized instructions.

They may involve web based performance support systems to help employees evaluate their performance, identify their strengths and weaknesses and improve.

The eLearning solutions simulate actual environment for hands-on practice. They also provide online training for organizations in the field of education and quality training

Some of the key advantages of eLearning are :

Convenience and the ability to learn at any place where an internet connection is available and at one’s own pace.

Using simulation-based learning content, the learner finds himself in a software environment that is exactly like the real one but which does not carry the same error risk.

Cost benefits: Unlike classroom training, users may repeat the eLearning course without duplicating the cost.

It is commonly accepted that the initial cost of an eLearning implementation is expensive (once-off development cost), but that the cost of training (per user) goes down exponentially as more learners use the eLearning course material.

Greater adaptability to learner's needs.

More variety in learning experience with the use of multimedia and the non-verbal presentation of teaching material. Streamed video recorded lectures and MP3 files provides visual and audio learning that can be reviewed as often as needed.


Our eLearning situations use a combination of the following techniques to make learning interesting, interactive and fun

  • Screencasts
  • ePortfolios
  • electronic performance support systems
  • MP3 Players with multimedia capabilities
  • Web-based teaching materials
  • Multimedia CD-ROMs
  • Discussion boards
  • Computer aided assessment
  • Educational animation
  • Simulations
  • Learning management software
  • Electronic voting systems
  • Virtual classrooms

We ensure that we are on top of the latest technological and other related developments. We identify the best technology that can be applied to your requirements.

How we work

Designing an eLearning solution is a process that takes patience, experience and communication. Our instructional design experts work closely with you to understand your specific needs.

After we clearly understand your objectives, we create a strategic plan needed for most effective communication. Modules are designed after pin-pointing the learning needs.
Our skilled content writers in consultation with subject matter experts develop precise and learner-friendly course content for the eLearning platform.

The creative team creates layout, the course screens and navigation, and defines the scope for multimedia assets. Once complete, we create the module for review with you.
Once the module has been approved, your course is ready for development. Our development team puts in the best efforts to develop a user friendly solution. The developed product then goes for quality assurance testing.

The above processes help us in coming up with highly interactive, easy to use and effective solution. You will like the results so much that you will work with us again.