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eCommerce Store Migration Services

Is your store not performing well? Is store management becoming difficult for you on the existing platform? Is your current service provider shutting down the platform? In any of these or other such cases like need for advanced features, resolving usability issues, etc., migrating to another platform seems to be a practical solution. However, this process is complex and time-consuming.

TechnoScore has been supporting eCommerce entrepreneurs in seamlessly migrating their stores for over a decade and a half now. With in-depth understanding of different platforms’ standards and compatibility guidelines, our store migration professionals can advise and help business owners in selecting a platform as per their business needs.

Our professionals are experienced in every quirk of different eCommerce platforms. We can effectively migrate your store to any popular eCommerce platform which includes, but is not limited to:

eCommerce Store Migration

We can either take your existing store’s layout or design a new layout which is responsive, intuitive, and more engaging than the old layout. Our experts will import all the plug-ins, extensions, and modules to your new store, ensuring you do not miss out on the functionality quotient. We can also help you switch to an upgraded version of your store’s platform, in case you need it.

TechnoScore’s professionals ensure that your old store’s database is carried over with ZERO data loss. We ensure intact migration of:

  • Product information including SKUs, categories, sub-categories, product variants, images, descriptions, etc.
  • Information related to user accounts, store configuration, etc.
  • Currencies, taxes, shipping policies, manufacturers and suppliers details
  • Customer Information including names, shipping address, email IDs, contact numbers, etc.

Magento Go and ProStores Migration Services

Intranet & Extranet Portal Development Using Microsoft Sharepoint

Migrating an eCommerce store is not as simple as copy and paste. In the wake of Magento Go and ProStores getting shutdown, if you are looking to migrate your eCommerce store, we can help you do it. Whether you want to follow eBay’s suggestion of migrating to Bigcommerce, Magento Community or Enterprise Edition, or you want to migrate to any other platform, you can get in touch with us at info@technoscore.com. For the full story on eBay shutting down Magento Go and ProStores, kindly read our blog.

How we can help you in transition of your store, better than anybody else?

  • 100% uptime for your existing store
  • Unaffected current Google rankings
  • Affordable migration solutions for stores of all sizes
  • Stringent security procedures, ensuring optimum safety of the data
  • 24*7 technical support

We will successfully transition your eCommerce store which will resolve all your usability and administration issues. If needed, we will completely re-design your store. To ask us for a free quote on our eCommerce store migration services, kindly write to us at info@technoscore.com.