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CardStream Payment Gateway Plug-In

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An innovative plug-in for eCommerce stores built on nopCommerce v3.6 & 3.7, CardStream Payment Gateway Plug-in enables store owners to accept payment via secure 3D authentication. It is easy to integrate the plug-in with merchantID, merchantPwd, countryCode, currencyCode, which are the most easily configured field on the nopCommerce admin plug-in page. The 3D secure authentication of the plug-in assures customers of the safety of their transaction.

The plug-in enables business owners to accept payments from holders of MasterCard, Visa, American Express, JCB and Discover and register more sales. With high-end security and options of multiple payment gateways, the plug-in, besides fueling the revenues of your business, also empowers you to earn the trust of your customers.


This is a plug n play module for nopCommerce 3.6 & 3.7 which enables a store to accept payment via CardStream Payment Gateway.

In the nop Admin plug-ins page, there are fields which can be easily configured. These under-mentioned configurable fields are those relevant to web site or other configuration settings:

  • Html POST URL –A URL where the site admin will enter to this field. For example “https://gateway.cardstream.com/direct/
  • merchantID
  • merchantPwd
  • countryCode
  • currencyCode
  • callbackURL
  • threeDSEnabled –Admin to set if 3D is active or not. Possible values “N” or “Y”.

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  • CardStream Payment Gateway Plug-In

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