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March 19, 2016

Understanding the Options Available for Mobile App Development

These days, smartphones are more than just phones- they are disruptive, networked multimedia devices, and in the years to come they will get even more advanced. One of the most important features of smartphones is mobility and it has definitely changed our lives for good. It has influenced the way we conduct business, communicate and collaborate. According to a recent finding, it has been estimated that around 62% of all digital media time is now spent on mobile and 80% of this time is spent on mobile apps.

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March 5, 2016

Transforming Flash-based Learning with HTML5

Transforming a decade old Flash based learning module into an asset, based on HTML5 is no child’s play. Doing it wrong or failing to do it has its own consequences – the risk of losing great learning content and the rising cost of creating new content from scratch, both pose a serious challenge for the learning and development sector (L&D). In this post we throw light on Flash to HTML5 conversion and ways in which all conversion related issues can be tackled.

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February 19, 2016

HTML5 All Set to Takeover Flash. Are You Ready?


Flash has for years been the most dominant media plugin available for the web. However, Flash needs to be updated constantly and is not mobile browser compatible. It is not supported on iOS devices and the Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs even criticized Flash for its lack of efficiency and security feature. Google followed suit by ending support for Flash in 2011. Well, all this was indeed an indication that the end was near for Flash. But, what was to happen next? Did HTML5 takeover?

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