Get Acquainted with Node JS Web Framework

It is based on an event-driven architecture. Node JS follows a single threaded event loop and carries out I/O operations using asynchronous calls. It also adheres to a non blocking model. It enables a wide range of I/O operations and functionalities. It relies on a real time server response system as opposed to a buffered server system and is ideally suited for real-time web applications. It is built on Google Chrome’s javascript V8 Engine and supports cross platform implementation. Node JS has brought cross-stack development to the limelight, pushing the use of javascript beyond mere client-side scripting. It is an increasingly growing choice for developers due to its dynamic capabilities. Node JS is backed by Linux Foundation, Microsoft, Joylent and Walmart.

Node JS Development Company

Hire Node JS developer and reap the benefits of:

  • Asynchronous and event driven

    All Node JS operations are asynchronous and event driven. They run in a continuous event loop. The server doesn’t have to wait for an API to return data in order to run another operation. Neither does it block the execution of the code till an operation is finished. It queues callbacks in the event loop in the accepted order.

  • Single Threaded Model

    Node JS banks on single threaded programming which seamlessly supports event looping. The single threaded system enables to process a larger number of requests in contrast to traditional servers. It optimizes the server performance.

  • Highly Scalable

    By virtue of its single threaded asynchronous architecture, Node JS highly enhances the scalability of applications. Javascript applications can be easily expanded as per need with help of Node JS.

  • No Buffering

    Node JS application are devoid of buffering. The outputs are essentially generated in form of small pieces of data.

  • Quick Temporary directory creation

    Quick temporary directory creation is very simple in Node JS with added API’s to facilitate the process of directory creation.

Why choose Node JS web framework Development company?

Node JS is a vital part of the “Javascript everywhere” paradigm. It executes code at exceptionally high speeds.

It is the acme of platform flexibility as it runs on nearly all operating systems. Real-time application development with Node JS can help yield exceptional results with an efficient architecture that speeds up the entire server side scripting process. Carrying out operations and creating API’s is a smooth process with lesser roadblocks. Node JS has inbuilt modules that expand the ambit of operations Possible with the help of Node JS Web Development Services company. It makes the process of web development revolve around a single language and saves javascript developers the worry of learning other back-end technologies. Node JS also has a thriving open source community of developers and users who are responsible for producing various remarkable modules.

Why avail Node JS Web Development Services from Us?

Technoscore provides full MEAN stack development services. This means when you hire developers from us, you get to see the promising aspects of Node JS in combination with the latest web development technologies to create an exquisite product, just as you require.
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