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Mobile UI Design Services

When designing applications for the mobile web, Mobile UI Designers at TechnoScore pay meticulous attention to the small device form factors plus the wide range of device sizes for phones and tablets.

Since there are differences in Mobile Application User Interface Design enforced by the device’s platform vendors and carriers, our Mobile Interaction Designers ensure that with standardized controls, and native device themes, your mobile web applications are both designed and developed in accordance with the unique characteristics of each device’s platform. Nonetheless, quality UI design has its own set of complexities, and essentially requires evolving a new paradigm for enhanced user experience and interaction owing to:

  • Different form factors - primarily Smaller Screen Size
  • Touch Screen interface – finger interaction
  • Acceleration sensing because of Rotation and ratio changes – creating Orientation awareness
  • Small and localized control mechanism
  • User Interactions and Animations

Our Mobile Application UI Designers take into account all these constraints and develop user interface designs accordingly.

Our professionals at TechnoScore know that designing of applications for the mobile websites needs greater attention. Because of the differences in UI imposed by different devices, our designs adapt to the unique characteristics for each platform. TechnoScore provide you with the best services that satisfy your needs.

Our team of skilled Mobile UI Designers is equipped with:

  • Diversified knowledge in development technologies
  • Knowledge of vast and continually changing array of devices
  • Knowledge of different styles of UI conventions and standards
  • Multiple cross porting and programming efforts
  • Expensive devices to test for the application and multiplatform test efforts

Mobile User Experience Design: The TechnoScore Advantage

Mobile user interface facilitates users to navigate through their device with ease. It also helps brands to create a distinction between devices running on the same operating platform. All the more, different apps on a single platform with same or similar skin would have looked quite monotonous; thanks to Mobile UI designs that help break away from the monotony. We at TechnoScore, offer our quality Mobile UI design services to cater to diverse requirements of our global clients.

TechnoScore Mobile UI Design Services

Mobile UI design services that we offer are way more than just themes. We integrate the design with the core operating platform, making it a part of the operating system.

Mobile companies do come up with their own signature user interface. HTC Sense, Samsung TouchWiz and RAZR of Motorola are some of the examples of user interface. Normally, along with the update in the version of the operating platform user interface also goes through an update. User interfaces developed by mobile phone companies for their devices are for people in general; however, what we as mobile user interface design services company develop through our UI design services are tailor made and exclusive and as per requirement of our clients.

Mobile User Interface Design for Exclusive Experience

User interface designs that we create at TechnoScore, is as exclusive and distinct as is your requirements. Not only the programming and the navigation path of the interface is unique as per your needs, we also make sure that the design and the look of the interface categorize our effort as developers of exclusive UI designs. We have a dedicated team of designers and developers who help you materialize your exclusive requirements. We strive to offer services that ensure an exclusive experience to the clients.

Mobile Application User Interface Design

Apps make life seem a lot easier and we ensure that for our clients we design and develop highly intuitive and user friendly apps that add to the benefits offered by apps. Services that we offer are not about creating distinction between two similar apps by developing distinct themes or skins. Rather, our adept developers put in their effort to develop fresh mobile application UI for every singular app. We develop UI designs based on your requirements that are inherently intuitive and engaging. The app interface design that we develop is more like mobile interaction design since it captures user attention and facilitates them to interact with the application with ease.

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