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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development Services

TechnoScore has a team of experienced professionals that are well equipped to assist you with all of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM consulting and development needs.

TechnoScore has developed and implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM projects for clients across all business domains since its inception in 2003. No matter whether you are implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the first time or you have years of experience, expertise and unique insight of developers at TechnoScore can help you achieve your objectives.

  • Customize and extend your Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution
  • Design and integrate custom solutions
  • Integrate with other enterprise systems

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions at TechnoScore

TechnoScore offers complete range of Microsoft Dynamics CRM development services that fully well exploit the existing features of Dynamics CRM. Our development team possesses extensive experience and is proficient at Microsoft CRM customization, Microsoft CRM implementations, installation and support, and CRM upgrade. We have in-depth understanding of CRM 4.0, CRM 2011 and Online CRM.

Partner with TechnoScore to secure advanced and customized functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and leverage the Dynamics CRM system to empower your business, and to improve your sales effectiveness with the needed customer support tools.

CRM Development

Cast a glance at our key Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development Services:

  • Implementation, Integration and Customization
  • Native or custom workflow development
  • Plug-in Customization & Development
  • Utilities Development
  • Integration of MS CRM with various ERPs (Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems
  • Report Generation
  • 3rdParty Plug-in Integration
  • Extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Plug-Ins or WebResources
  • XRM Rapid Application Development for developing new business applications
  • Enhancing Dashboards and Role centers
  • Data Scrubbing and Migration
  • Remote Support
  • MS Dynamics CRM Maintenance and Testing

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Why TechnoScore for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development?

  • With strong expertise in various organizational functions - customer relationship management, business processes, sales force effectiveness, productivity measures, etc., our consultants can work closely with your team, understand your business goals and processes, and accordingly suggest best ways of implementing Dynamics CRM into your organization’s core functionality.
  • TechnoScore’s functional and technical team can help you with speedy Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation and educate your sales teams though the user handbook on several inbuilt customization facilities of MS Dynamics CRM, resulting in a faster preference setup and implementation.
  • Being a software development company, TechnoScore has strong capabilities in Microsoft development technologies.

Contact us to discuss your project with us. We are confident of our development team that they would be able to assist you with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM development needs.

What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution is adaptable, easy-to-use and devised to fit-in your business. It can unleash the business potential within your customer base, and convert every touch point into a sales and marketing opportunity. It’s intelligent and powerful marketing capabilities support enterprises in marketing more effectively, increasing productivity and achieving actionable insight into marketing efforts.

Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM?


It can help your sales force with access to significant customer information, qualify sales leads, and streamline your sales processes.

Improved Workflow:

MS Dynamics helps you with better managed business processes, improved workflows across all levels in the organization, dynamically assign tasks, and provide approvals using predefined workflows, schematize follow-up, set alerts and reminders for campaigns, etc.

Better Mobility:

Bringing in improved flexibility and mobility MS Dynamics helps the sales and marketing teams to use customer data, track key marketing metrics from any web-enabled device, virtually from anywhere, anytime.


With built-in reporting and analysis tools, natural-language queries to filter prospects, highly targeted lists that can be shared and associated with campaigns or used for bulk email or direct-mail communications, it can help your marketing teams create a strong sales pipeline and generate repeat business.

Customer Service

It provides efficient customer functionality designed for product and contract management, interaction, service scheduling, organizing workflow across teams and groups, and service reporting and analytics to empower your teams to respond faster to customer service issues.

Effective Data Management

It can intelligently cleanse your data, determine your marketing accomplishment with key KPIs, and gather business insight with adaptable dashboards, inline data visualization and goal-tracking capabilities. MS Dynamics allows you to monitor key campaign indicators with built-in reports, ascertain trends and use solid data cubes for trending analysis, and consequently reducing your cost per engagement (CPE).

Contact us for a free quote on Microsoft Dynamics CRM customization. To learn more about our Microsoft Dynamics CRM development services, write to us at info@technoscore.com.