Understanding the Options Available for Mobile App Development

These days, smartphones are more than just phones- they are disruptive, networked multimedia devices, and in the years to come they will get even more advanced. One of the most important features of smartphones is mobility and it has definitely changed our lives for good. It has influenced the way we conduct business, communicate and collaborate. According to a recent finding, it has been estimated that around 62% of all digital media time is now spent on mobile and 80% of this time is spent on mobile apps.

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Transforming Flash-based Learning with HTML5

Transforming a decade old Flash based learning module into an asset, based on HTML5 is no child’s play. Doing it wrong or failing to do it has its own consequences – the risk of losing great learning content and the rising cost of creating new content from scratch, both pose a serious challenge for the learning and development sector (L&D). In this post we throw light on Flash to HTML5 conversion and ways in which all conversion related issues can be tackled.

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HTML5 All Set to Takeover Flash. Are You Ready?


Flash has for years been the most dominant media plugin available for the web. However, Flash needs to be updated constantly and is not mobile browser compatible. It is not supported on iOS devices and the Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs even criticized Flash for its lack of efficiency and security feature. Google followed suit by ending support for Flash in 2011. Well, all this was indeed an indication that the end was near for Flash. But, what was to happen next? Did HTML5 takeover?

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MAGENTO 2: A new horizon in eCommerce Development

Magento 2.0 builds on its heritage of open source, and offers unmatched flexibility together with opportunities for innovation to eCommerce merchants. This empowers retailers to adapt their sites to their precise business needs by adding powerful new extensions to their site, quickly and cost-effectively, consequently enhancing the shopping experience of their customers.

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How to improve your eCommerce Store’s Security for the Holiday Rush?

The holiday shopping season will be ramping up in just a couple of weeks, which means this is the right time to improve your eCommerce store’s security and ensure that the website offers a safe shopping experience to the customers. There are a number of things that online merchants must do to get ready to face the holiday rush head-on while avoiding a data breach.

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This Holiday Season, Approx. 51% of Online Shopping Visits in the U.S. Will Be On Mobile Devices

Now is the time to put this prediction into action!

Is your eCommerce store ready for holiday season? According to the statistics, holiday season of 2014 saw record eCommerce sales and 2015 is being forecasted to be even better. Last year online retailers made over $101 billion during the holiday season, which is expected to increase further by 6-8% this year.

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UI Designer vs UX Designer


Imagine! A customer is willing to buy a red scarf from a website. What if he faces issues while making the payment? What if he faces issues while logging in? What if the site’s layout is confusing? Or all of the above?

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Know Whether You Need To Hire a WordPress Developer, a WordPress Programmer or a WordPress Designer


Who really is a WordPress Developer or designer or a programmer? Can one be all? Most people blur the line. While it’s a topic of hot debate, we can help you break down these terms into what they really mean and their relationship with each other.

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3 Simple Things to Do to Improve Sales on Your Magento Store

Magento Development Services

If you are not happy with the performance of your Magento store, you should ideally seek professional help. Every Magento store is unique, and only experts can provide you a solution tailored to your store’s specific requirement. However, before you hire Magento developer, you can check your Magento store for some common issues. Read on to know how to fix those common issues.

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Magento Further Consolidates its Cloud-Based eCommerce Ecosystem


Magento is expanding its cloud-hosting solution options for brands and retailers, as two new partners, Joyent and Microsoft Azure, have joined its Magento Hosting Partner ecosystem. Cloud hosting solutions are almost a necessity for most brands and retailers looking to improve customer experience in 2015 and beyond. In today’s dynamic business environment, cloud solutions can benefit the merchants in more ways than one. Using cloud based platforms enable them to save time on new deployments, lower capital expenditure, expand capacity during peak times, expand customer base, and reach out global markets.

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